Top 10 Cheap Lace Wedding Invitations for Your Big Day

Say “I DO” in style. How are you going to do it? Use the latest trend of wedding invitation cards today. 

Lace wedding invitations DIY are current everywhere. Thanks to Pinterest, Etsy, Instagram, Google and many other sites. There are many ways to do these kinds of cards yourself. 

Invite as many people as you want without breaking the bank. You only need your utmost creativity and some inspirations to begin with this exciting wedding preparation. 

To help you more, we have gathered the best ideas here. Read everything and find what fits your style with the following lace wedding invitation DIY designs. 

Best Cheap Lace Wedding Invitations in 2021

  • Ombre lace wedding invitation

All beautiful things are not always expensive. There are things you can do so you can have the best of these on your wedding day. Start with a nice ombre lace wedding invitation. 

This design is made from different solid colors which turns into softer hues as it drips. What does it mean? The top portion will be the most solid and it will become lighter as it goes to the bottom part. 

You can choose any color you like from purples, blues, greens, pinks, and more. There may even be different combinations from them. Two to three colors may mix as long as they will fit together. 

For the lacy part, it will be imbued. You have a choice whether to use it as a background or as inlays only. These added designs will create more drama to the invitation card. 

  • Rustic lace wedding invitation

Many couples love getting rustic in their wedding ceremonies nowadays. They accordingly find the theme classic yet rough and natural. There are many ways to achieve it using textures in the venue, food, and more. 

For the lace wedding invitations, you may use rust and lace as your main themes. Bring in the fun with plenty of organic beauties in paper. In particular, Choose French Embroidered lace as the central component of the design. 

The French lace is a fitting partner for country foliage and wood textures. To make it more charming, make sure to create a good combination and not overdo everything. 

  • Vintage lace wedding invitations

Lace is an epitome of purity, innocence, delicateness, and elegance. If you need these words on your wedding day then you should add vintage laces on your wedding day. Do it with the invitation first. 

Chantilly lace is called the “lace of times.” Use this as your focal design for the vintage vibe. You will not regret it as it is denoting high-quality and exquisite elegance. 

The lace is often fine designed with florals in silk threads. In clothes these are common with nets but you do not need it on invitations. Layer it instead with romantic colors to achieve the same delicate effects that will stand out. 

  • Embossed lace wedding invitations

Most elegant lace wedding invitations are only covered with lace as designs. It is the easiest to do when it comes to DIYs. Why? Because you only need glue to put them on. 

If you want a classier vibe for the invitation, the laces may be embossed. This one is different from the usual and it will create more sophistication which your guests will surely love to hold on. 

The embossing may be put on any part of the invitation card. Notably, the top and bottoms are the most favorite for this matter. You can also put it on strategic places such as the half page or sides only. 

  • Pearls and laces wedding invitations

Another design you can try for lace wedding invitations cheap is the pearls and laces. It is similar to how the laces will drape the cards but it will be filled with the stones too. 

Pearls are considered as one of the most versatile embellishments on all things. It can be used in clothes and even on invitation cards. When it is paired with others, it creates more elegance. 

Achieve sophistication with pearls and laces. Moreso, it is also easy to get. You can even do it yourself. You will only need time and creativity. 

Buy the necessary materials such as textured laces, invitation papers, jewelry pearls, and others. Then, look for some inspirations on websites such as Instagram or Pinterest. There are abundant samples which you can try to copy or enhance. 

  • Exquisite floral lace wedding invitations

Flowers are always on the top choice when it comes to designs. Brides simply love the delicateness and stylishness of them. Supposedly, you can choose them still even if you also want lacy wedding invitations.

Florals and laces mix well with one another and these are an interesting combination in most weddings now. Get on the trend now. 

Embossed flowers are the best choice if you want the idea above. It is more expensive if you will get the physical lace. Most of the floral laces are high quality and they are only sold at high prices. 

If you want the cheaper kind, have it stenciled or embossed. There are a lot of cheap services you can get for these things. After getting the service, you can add the embellishments later alone. 

  • Handmade classic lace wedding invitations

As a bride, you can do whatever you want in your wedding. Pick the best or worst theme, it is your call. Although it will surely always lean on how you dream it to be. Get the same thing on your invitation. 

This number is the best DIY advice in this list for a perfect lace invitation. Do whatever the best personalization with all the embellishments you want to add. 

You can print background on paper and place the laces. You can have the whole pages covered or you can glue them only on the sides. There are also other ways you can try. Find these techniques on the web for inspirations.

Add others such as tags, ribbons, dried flowers, rope ties, and more. These will help achieve more craze. Let your inner style shine on your own customized wedding invitation.