Top 15 Best Elegant Wedding Invitations

Preparing for your wedding means you have to prepare everything: from your future wedding dress to the venue. One of the most important items to be done is the wedding invitations. If you’re stuck looking for a great design for your wedding, check out these 15 elegant wedding invitations!

Navy Vintage Wedding Invitation by Jinaji

If you’re a fan of blue, then this design available on Zazzle might be for you! As one of the many simple elegant wedding invitations on this list, it makes uses of sparkles on top of a dark navy blue background as its eye-catching design. Not only will this impress your guests but also provide them with information about your special day. You can also order it in a paper of a different border shape, paper size, and paper type.

Cinderella Castle Wedding Invitation by Disney Princess

If you’re heading into the wedding of your dreams, you can also choose this design by the Disney Princess. Its default design makes use of a simple white background filled with an elegant depiction of the famous castle and etching. The accompanying font even complements this even more and makes it look vintage in the process. You can also customize it when you order it through Zazzle.

Blue and Gold Wedding Invitation by PAPERI

Back to blue elegant invitations, you can also opt for this simpler design by PAPERI. Available on the Zazzle website, it makes use of a simple gold box border paired with golden text. The calligraphy has the right balance that doesn’t overshadow anything else on the invitation while highlighting you as a to-be-wedded couple. If you’re not a blue fan, you can choose from their other color schemes on the website.

Marble and Rose Gold Wedding Invitation by Chic Paperie

Nothing says elegance more than marble! By choosing this Chic Paperie design, you can easily fit this in a gorgeous wedding event. It pairs the grey marble design on the paper with soft pink highlights and black text to highlight the essential details without overshadowing the pattern underneath. The font used is also easy to read by your guests too!

Floral Greenery on Alabaster Wedding Invitation by LOVELYWOW Studio

If you want a watercolor touch to your wedding invitation, then you can get this design by LOVELYWOW Studio over on Zazzle. At first glance, it is covered with lovely illustrations of a wreath of flowers and leaves on the back. Accompanied by your wedding’s details is a beautifully illustrated white flower painted in hues of dark greens, blacks, and whites. The font used complements this design while using the same dark greens in the leaves and shadows.

Gold and Black Art Deco Wedding Invitation by Winter Night Studio

Are you preparing for a high-class wedding next year? Check out this design on Zazzle if it fits the elegance of your overall wedding theme. By default, it makes use of gold and black beautifully to achieve the right Art Deco wedding invitation. It is even paired with an old-fashion styled font and has golden glitter highlights. Once your guests see this, they will be astonished how lovely your wedding will turn out.

Navy Blue and Rose Floral Wedding Invitation by I Invite You

If you’re looking for a floral touch to your wedding, you can get this Elegant Wedding Invitations design from Zazzle instead. It is covered with vines along the edges on the front. It is paired with a monogram of the to-be-wedded couple’s initials at the back. When printed, it will create this lovely shimmer made to impress your guests while creating a touch of elegance before the main event. However, these details won’t distract from the details written on the actual card regarding your wedding.

Gold Vintage Glamour Wedding Invitation by Plush Paper Design

Speaking of shimmers, this design is as stunning as any of the invitations on this list. The front of this invitation uses an elegant gold pattern at the top, followed by a gold script. You can also choose the color of the paper to be white or light green depending on your preference. Overall, this is a simple Elegant Wedding Invitations design that will bring a vintage feel to your guests before they arrive at the main event.

Vintage Peonies Wedding Invitation by Jinaji

Another design by Jinaji can have shimmers, gold, and floral all in one wedding invitation design. Your guests will be surprised at the lovely illustration of flowers surrounding the simple font detailing your wedding. There are options to change between rose gold or silver for the illustration if you want something other than a golden shimmer. 

Typography in Black on White Wedding Invitation by Becky Nimoy

Nothing can get more straightforward as black text on a white background! This design by Becky Nimoy makes the calligraphy its centerpiece. It makes use of an elegant script to highlight the couple’s first names as they become one in the upcoming ceremony. This is paired with a simpler font that describes when and where the event will occur.

Elegant Wedding Invitations by Jinaji

If you want a simple yet stunning design, then look no further than this shooting star themed wedding invitation by Jinaji. Hosted over on Zazzle, it uses white specks and an overlay of watercolor to resemble the starry space we live in. This is perfect for weddings that will be done at night or couples who tend to like the night sky more often.

Sea and Tides Wedding Invitation by Redwood & Vine

What do you think about a seaside wedding? This Redwood & Vine wedding invitation might be for you! The invitation’s front has a white background that ends in a simple gradient of ocean blues that reflect the solid color on the back. Aside from that, the font adds another element of elegance to the invitation while presenting the wedding information. 

Burgundy Flowers and Gold Linens Wedding Invitation by RusticWeddings

As one of the many lovely elegant wedding announcements on the market, this Rustic Weddings pattern combines hints of gold with beautiful watercolor. The invitation itself makes use of a simple font in the color of the leaves of the flowers. This pattern continues to the back, except that it only includes the date and the names of the to-be wedded couple. 

Burlap and Starfish Wedding Invitation by Invitation Republic

Back to the beach wedding theme, you can choose this simple design by Invitation Republic. It is unique as it is bordered by real burlap cloth on the front of the invitation and entirely covered by it at the back. It may come in turquoise as default, but you can also choose to have it made in brown, rose pink, or dark navy blue.

Art Deco Wedding Invitation in Black and Gold by Plush Paper Design

To wrap up this list, let’s check out this invitation by Plush Paper Design. It is unlike the Art Deco wedding invitation we have earlier. This one comes in a lovely gold design at the back and front. Then, it uses a typeface that compliments the elaborate ornaments drawn on the paper. This combination lets your guests know that your wedding will be high-class.


The 15 elegant wedding invitations that we showcased here are only a small sample of what’s available on the market today. Wherever you want to hold your wedding, there will always be a complimentary invitation. Take note to have them prepared as early as possible so that you can confirm the number of guests at this hallmark event in our lives.