15 Best Wedding Invitations Online You Should Not Miss Out On

In this modern era, people are becoming highly dependent on technology. There are traditional routines that are replaced with technological take. As people explore more of its wonders, it’s no doubt that even some special occasions are showcased online. And this includes sending out invitations online for birthday parties, reunions and weddings.

If you are a bride-to-be who is probably wondering of a cheaper way of asking people to attend your special day, you can consider sending an online invitation. It’s cheaper than a physical invitation but it delivers the same elegance and message. 

You may be thinking what kind of invitation will you send out, what style speaks for you. Luckily, you don’t have to worry too much. Below are some of the best wedding invitation templates online that you must check.

Overlay Invitation With Your Engagement Photo

In this wedding invitation template, you can make use of your engagement photos. This template will feature you as a couple, and show your visitors how lovely you two can get. 

In the template, you can use your photo as the main background. An elegant and minimalist design with collages and geometric layouts are the best for this invitation. You can opt to choose more than one photo, put as many as you like. 

Do A Twirl With Online Calligraphy

With this template, you do not need to worry about messing up the letterings. Digital calligraphy is a trend today. Choose the font that you desire, and put it without any effort at all. 

You can try customizing the fonts while trying out to spell your names on the invitation. Make sure that you get the details correct, and the color of your letterings should match your wedding invitation palette. 

Feature A Digital Artwork On Your Invitation

If you do not have time to engage in a photoshoot or if you do not have any decent photo to feature on your invitation, a digital artwork will do. In a printable wedding invitation template, it is easy to commission an artwork that’s going to be the face of your invitation. Remember to choose the art that captures your heart the most.

Choose Realistic Textures And Backgrounds

In sending wedding invitations online, make sure that you make it as realistic as possible. Even if it is only seen digitally, the textures and depth of the background should be exactly the same as the physical variant. In this template, it’s all about how you deliver the invitation.

Geometric Patterns And Contemporary Styles

In this wedding template, it is easy to identify which is the center-piece of your invitation. Since geometric patterns will highlight the details, you can opt to put it in the middle. Also, a contemporary style will surely match the theme making it simpler and subtle. You can make use of patterns including laces and grids.

Show Off Your Bouquet And Floral Choices

If you are planning to give your visitors a gist of your wedding style, be sure to show your bouquet in your wedding invitation. You can use it as the main background or as the borderline. Classic texts that overlay the floral designs is a must. This is the best for garden or floral inspired weddings.

Explore Bold and Vibrant Colors

Do not settle with minimalist tones if you can go big and bold with vibrant colors. Not only speaks of festivity, but it is also an eye-catcher. These tones are best done with brush strokes of painting or watercolor. It creates the cheerful aura of the wedding invitation.

Traditional Cuts On Digital Paper

To give your invitation the realistic view, it should mimic a traditional paper. The edges and borders should be close to the original. Your online invitation could be in the form of scroll, a note, or just a simple bond paper. However, you have to make sure that the cut of the paper is intricate enough. 

Digital Letterpress Design And Style

It is true that Letterpress is among the expensive printing methods out there. So, if you want to experience having a cheaper Letterpress invitation, the digital version is an option. It has the same style and feel of the physical Letterpress, and it still offers the timeless aesthetic.

Make Use Of Marbles And Stones

A wedding invitation should be unique. It should feature styles that are fresh to the eyes. One style that stands out is through the use of marbles and stones as the background. 

You can go minimalist, bold and elegant with this design. It has both a traditional and a modern edge that everyone loves. The strokes and edges have a touch of marbles that you can pair with monograms.

Sending Wedding Postcards Online

This is another captivating wedding invitation that screams uniqueness. This vintage style template is best for destination weddings. Inviting your guests over through the means of sending postcards. 

The same with the printed postcards, you can use the front and back for the details you want to put. You can opt to use a modern take instead of vintage style through showcasing modern landmarks of your place.

Incorporating A Wax Seal On Your Wedding Invitation

A wax seal is not only for a printed and physical wedding invitation, it could also function with online wedding invitations. Putting this seal is not only symbolic but adds to the realistic effect of the invitation. 

The wax seal should be in a three-dimensional figure. The seal is classy and perfect for a wedding that emphasizes romance. You can opt to have additional designs around the seal such as twines and branches.

Treat Your Visitors With A Wedding Boarding Pass

This kind of wedding invitation template is best for destination weddings, especially if it involves flying. This boarding pass usually features an invitation in the form of a first-class ticket. 

It gives the visitors the feel of receiving a ticket solely for your wedding. You can customize the ticket the way you want them to. Be creative with the wordings.

Be Luxurious With Golden Wedding Invitation

One of the best wedding invitations is made of luxury. Adding gold to your invitations invokes elegance and beauty without any effort. 

The good thing is with online invitations that have a touch of gold and vintage patterns usually are looking more expensive than they actually are. You don’t need to spend big for a luxurious invitation, adding specs of gold is enough for it to be fancy.

Textured Cards And Rough Edges For Realistic Touch

This wedding invitation template comes with deckled edges that is perfect for digital invitations. Not only does it look realistic, but it gives the feel of contemporary taste. It is both modern and traditional in one wedding invitation. 

You can opt to pair the design with pastel color palettes, floral patterns and watercolor splashes for an appealing background.