Bachelorette Party Invitation Designs You Definitely Should Try

Before a woman gets married, there should be a bachelorette’s party. Do not be blinded by what you commonly see on the web about spending the night wilding it out because a bride’s shower is simply about having fun, even in the simplest way possible.

Let us start this incredible event with bachelorette party invitations. To have the most exciting experience, you will need your closest friends and family members with you. The announcement card will help you reach out to them.

To help out, we will give you some ideas about the finest bachelorette party invitation designs here. Read the whole article and check out what you must try today.

Glittery Bachelorette Party Invitation

When we talk about girls’ night out, glitters are a must! It should be everywhere, especially in your party invitation. If you need some useful information on how to include it then you are in the right place.

Putting 3D printed sparkles and sprinkling real glitters are two of your choices for this number. For the first, you can do it by graphic designing. There are tons of templates on the web you can use for it.

Most websites offer a free bachelorette party invitation template. You only need to visit them and check out the most sparkly and change the wordings.

For the other one, you can do the same thing and dash some glitters right after the printing. It is surely fun and exciting to try.

Beach Bachelorette Party Invitation

The other is a beach party invitation. You will never go wrong with a beach theme so make the most of it. Accordingly, you do not need to go to the waters just for it. Fill your place with anything related to it, and have fun!

If you are designing your incredible invitation alone then you can use anything beachy. Get the vibe with some waves, corals, fish designs, shell garlands, and more. Just make sure that they will be well balanced with each other.

Princess Bachelorette Party Invitation

Who has never dreamed to be a princess? Every woman has probably had this dream when they were young. For it, unleash the inner you with the party invitation. Spend a day getting pampered by your friends and families.

To send them the invitation with a princess vibe, get colors that resonate with it. Pinks are going to be your best choice. Fill it with every hue of pink and girly stuff. A crown is surely a must, so do not forget it.

Vintage Bachelorette Party Invitation

For the other ladies out there, we have more for you. The invitation could be embellished with everything vintage. You might be wondering how to do it, so here are some ideas.

A rustic vintage style is becoming a trend today. In particular, you can check it out. It refers to country type designs with wood textures and local flowers. Put them as embellishments now.

Wines and cocktails are a smash also when it comes to vintage feels. Talk with images of them in your invitation and let the guests feel that you are sure to blast.

Barbeque Bachelorette Party Invitation

This number is surely on the more affordable version of everything in this list. If you are opting for a family bonding with your girls then choose to have a barbeque night in the backyard.

Your bachelorette party invites wording will specify what the attendees must wear and bring. If you want them to bring for the party then do not be shy to include them.

During the event, you ask the girls why they brought the gifts to make it more fun. Chat and eat are the best ways to have fun.

Casino Bachelorette Party Invitation

Gambling never grows old. Your friends and loved ones will surely enjoy a night filled with uncertainties. The first thing is to put gambling paraphernalia in the invitation. This design will bring excitement to a higher notch.

Supposedly, you can do this simple celebration even at home if you do not feel like doing it in a casino. Let the guests bring their fun casino items and play the whole night.

Notably, make sure to put into wording all things you expect your guests to have and do during the event.

Whimsical Bachelorette Party Invitation

Unpredictability is unusual when it comes to parties. As a host, you do not want anything that would sabotage the success of the party.

To change the perspective, let us use whimsical. This word has the same meaning as unpredictability, but it entails much more. It learns more about fantasy, which can be exciting, fanciful, and imaginative as well.

Your bachelorette party invitation could be designed as it is. Make it more surprising yet creative using whimsical designs. Colors, flowers, balloons, silhouettes, and more will help you achieve it.

Makeup Bachelorette Party Invitation

Most girls like putting on makeup. If you are the same then use it as your bachelorette party invitation design. It is simple, yet it would say a lot about the event.

There are many ways to incorporate the girly stuff in the invitation paper. Check out Instagram, and Pinterest for inspiration.

Include lipsticks, mascaras, brushes, and more! These could encircle the whole page with the main details in the center.

Bring the house down with a day full of exciting girl stuff related to making up. Start with spa stuff like facials, manicures, and pedicures. Then, complete the bridal shower with a slumber party.


A bachelorette party is not going to be complete without a meaningful invitation. The event starts as soon as your friends and family members receive it.

Make everything smooth and exciting using the amazing designs above. You can choose from the first number to the last, although make sure what you will get will fit your style.

Consider trying the simplest from a backyard barbeque day to the most thrilling casino night. You will surely not regret experiencing anything on them before getting a hitch.