7 Easy Ways to Make Basic Wedding Invitations

Planning your wedding announcements and don’t know where to start? Your wedding should be bliss, as it marks a new chapter in you and your future spouse’s life together, but sometimes, it might be confusing where to begin or continue. Don’t fret, because planning is just another activity that should bring you together as a team and as a couple.

This article shows you seven basic ways to make your Basic wedding invitations. This guide is for couples who are in need of invisible wedding planners or just an extra nudge to start yourself with. Save yourself time and follow these tips when you have to juggle other wedding arrangements.

Check the dimensions to make Basic Wedding Invitations

Before buying your envelopes and papers, make sure their dimensions match each other. Double-check that if you fold your invitations along with the RSVP card, they will still fit inside your card; otherwise, your design might go to waste.

Standard envelope size for invitations is 5 x 7 inches, or what they call A7. There are also fancier options such as string plus button envelopes. If you want to do away with envelopes completely, you can opt to just attach a string plus button fixture at the back of your invitation, but make sure all your contents are stapled together properly, so they don’t fall out.

 Pick a main color or motif

An easy way to start is to choose the color and motif you will be using for your actual wedding event and work around that. You just have to translate how you want to see your occasion into that card. This results in a cohesive wedding strategy, not to mention it’ll make for a good Instagram photo when they bring their RSVP cards on your wedding day.

For example, if you want to design your reception with pastel curtains, tablecloths, and flowers, then choose pastel papers for your invitation too. Your guests will also have an easier time following the dress motif if it’s already shown in the card, as they won’t have to guess from twenty shades of maroon. 

Use special materials

If you think you have a poor eye for designing, choose materials that are already elegant to look at without the foliage and fancy patterns. Textured paper is a great choice for a clean design. If you want to go for two colors, go for one very light and one very light tone like white and navy blue. Match this with a good typeface, and you’re ready to go. 

Other invitations that go for the more imaginative route use something other than paper. You can go for wood, glass bottles, or picture frames. For couples that want to go the paperless route, you can choose to make online invitations instead. Else, make a wedding video announcement that you can send via email! This way, you have the freedom to include more prenuptial pictures and save on printing costs.

Design with Patterns

Meanwhile, you can also opt to go for a singular clean paper color and play with foliage or laurel patterns. There is no need for extra fancy typefaces sometimes. It is minimalistic and suave. This also makes the message appear straightforward so your guests don’t miss any details.

There are many avenues to play with using patterns. You can choose from floral patterns to silhouettes of birds and branches. For couples without designing experience, there are numerous resources online that upload free vector frames, floral patterns, and destination wedding invitations template that you can incorporate into your card.

Find the right printer

Standard printers are usually not suitable for printing in specialty papers such as cardboards. There is also the choice between inks, as some are waterproof and some are not. For this reason, you should probably look for a printing service that is experienced in producing wedding invitations.

Invitation printers are knowledgeable in the standard dimensions and materials used for wedding invitations. They require specific image sizes and resolutions that will produce better quality cards. Also, their modalities are capable of producing engraved prints and incorporating foils if you want that extra flare.

Painting and Lettering

What can make invitations more personalized than writing the letters on your own? There are plenty of arts and crafts supplies stores around that sell fountain pens, nibs, and lettering pens. Inks are also available in more colors than black. The variety includes matte and shimmering inks that are perfect for destination basic wedding invitations wording.

Painting your letters can also produce lovely patterns in your letters. The way the paint blots and spreads in each paper will be unique for each card. Painting is also a good alternative or complementary to pattern designs. 

Refine the details

Once you’re done designing the main layout of your cards, you can further polish your basic wedding invitations by adding trimmed edges and foils. There are rounded edges, scalloped edges, and more. 

The trend nowadays is deckled edges, which make invitations look straight out torn from vintage books. This is perfect for rustic themed weddings where you can also play around with twine ropes. 

Engraved or embossed foils are good touches to finish your invitations. You can choose to line your letters with gold or silver foils that can really accentuate your unique basic wedding invitations

In order to add some more elegance to your card, consider using fancy seals to finish your envelope. Wax seals give sophistication to your invitations without much effort. 

You may simply choose initials or a symbol that you can ask your local craft store to provide and practice on a sample letter. Ribbons and ropes are also easy to manage if you want to use as little resources as you can.


Between planning your flower decors and planning your guests’ seating arrangements, there is so much you can miss out on in coordinating the event. This guide helps you focus on the other important part of your big day by getting you started on the basic details. 

Your basic wedding invitation is just a glimpse of your life together as partners-in-life. May this guide you through that path and get you more excited on this journey together.