Best Engagement Party Invitation Wording to Use

That incredible ring on your finger deserves the best engagement party ever! You have to celebrate the kick-off to your wedding life from the romantic proposal your boyfriend prepared. 

This event is perfect for you to let your creative juices work with the finest engagement party invitation ideas today. Before the actual wedding itself, practice how things should be. The process will be the same, so you will benefit a lot from doing it. 

Let us begin with the engagement party invitation. This one will be your stepping stone in everything until the main celebration. Accordingly, this article is a must to learn tips and tricks on how to achieve the finest card announcement now. 

Why are engagement party cards important?

Invitations are a crucial part of any party. With it, you are sure that all your loved ones will attend the event without any glitch. The card may be handcrafted or not. It does not matter as long as you can send something. 

There are still other reasons a party card is beneficial, especially, in wedding seasons beginning with engagements. With the use of it, the guest attendees will feel your utmost effort in organizing the celebration. They will be more eager to make a toast to your soon wedding life. 

More so, they will go to the party with confidence in all the details stated in the invitation. There will be fewer unwanted events because everyone knows the same things from the actual date down to the main theme. 

How to get the best engagement invitation wordings?

To help you more here is one of the most significant details which you need to know. Find out how to craft the best engagement party invitation wording. You will need this one to bring everything to perfection. 

  • Look for a theme

Remarkable events are never complete without a theme. It is simply the trend many follow today. It could be about something related to the celebration or the people celebrating. For your engagement party, think of something romantic and anything close to your heart. 

Elegance and romance are the prime descriptions of most engagement ceremonies nowadays. However, you can go away with this one and go wild as much as you want. Some even as far as food, casino, vintage, rustic, backyard, movie night, beach, and more. 

There is no shortage of themes in this kind of ceremony, so do what makes you happy. Small and big, it will not matter as long as you can enjoy the event and be with your loved ones. 

  • Think about the host

After settling the theme, decide who will host the engagement. It is a big decision whether your parents, single friends, or yourselves will do it. 

Parents are the usual people who do the job for this one, but times are changing. Almost everyone can do it for you now. 

To say, it is much better for others than you to host the engagement party because you can sit down and enjoy the event rather than bustle around. Thinking about everything. 

It is also common that people do not bring gifts when they know that you will host the party. Take note of this one. 

Your guest attendees will see who will do the hosting in the invitation, so decide carefully about it. Lastly, you can still help in the preparation even though you will not host the engagement celebration. 

  • Look for the place, Date, and time

We are done with the theme and the host. It calls for finding the next big information for the engagement party. These will be the location, date, and time. 

There are two choices when it comes to the location. Do it at home or an event place. Most intimate celebrations often happen in the comfort of their houses with a few people. These could only be a couple of your friends and family members.

For the second, you will be looking for a place fit for your theme. If you will have a beach party then get somewhere near the water. It will be the same if it is a garden event. 

Right after the location, it is all about the date and time. It is technically far easier than the two because it will only depend on two things, your availability, and the places. 

With all the things done, you take down everything exactly. Do not make any mistakes on the place’s address, date, and time because your guests will depend so much on them.

  • Include the RSVP information

Invitations are not simply as they are today. Notably, they often come with an RSVP section. 

According to, it is short for “‘Répondez, s’il vous plaît.” It means “Respond if you please” o “Please, respond.” 

The RSVP can be a separate paper or card aside from the main invitation. They are contained in one envelope, but this one is detachable. 

If you plan to include it, these are what you need. The deadline of the RSVP in words like “Please send back by November 18.” Then whether the attendees will accept the invitation or not. 

  • Put the extra details

The last is about the minimal details, which other couples opt to include in their engagement party announcement. These are the meal choice, clothes choice, main theme, and others. 

Meal choices are going to be based on the RSVP card, which the guest will send back. Although it is also not necessary if you will lean on a specific budget so do not stress about it. 

Lastly, about the dress code and the main theme, you might want to consider them. Your guests will surely appreciate knowing how you expect them to come to the party if there are requirements to follow. 


Engagement parties are a good start for you and the guest attendees to bond together. On it, your invitation cards will do wonders if you have the best wordings. Prevent unnecessary things using it by giving your attendees the needed information.