Best Foil Wedding Invitations to Try

Almost everyone wishes to get married. Since childhood, most girls already have their ideas of how things would go from the dreamy venue to the mouthwatering food in the reception. However, these things are not the focal point yet.

Before you arrive at the main ceremony, there is simply so much to do ahead. You must think about the foil wedding invitations first. The announcement card is a must because it will be what your guest attendees will see for them to know about the event. 

Do not worry about it because we got your back! We will share with you today the best foil wedding designs on invitations. You will surely find these amazing things useful when you look for your draft ideas.

  • Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Foiling might look hard to achieve, yet many couples still want it in their wedding invitations. Simply, gold is too beautiful to let go of when it comes to romance and sophistication.

If you are looking for an excellent choice for your wedding invite, try this design, and you will never go wrong. You can put the gold accent all over the card as a border or as a focal point.

Some designers use different shapes to emphasize the gold color. They also use it as a focal point, where they put it in varying shapes like flowers or couples. These could be anything under the sun. 

  • Elegant Vintage Foil Wedding Invitations

Elegant vintage is another design that will suit your wedding invitation style. Of course, we still have foiling here, which is the main attraction of the card. 

There are two choices for your foiling, it could be silver or gold. These both are great partners when it comes to making the invites visually more charming and appealing.

How to start with the elegant vintage foiled invitation? Pick the right font initially. Then, move with the actual center point of it. Your filling design will be the last.

Draconian, Aramis Script, Alisandra Script, Chopin Script, Formal Script, and more are only a few of what you can use. On the other two, it will depend on your choice. These could be anything from swirling circles to panoramic shapes. 

  • Abstract Watercolor Foil Wedding Invitations

Watercolor has been one of the many techniques designers use when it comes to invitations. Nowadays, it is being mixed with a lot of others such as foiling. These two are surely perfect for your wedding card. 

There are a lot of ways to incorporate watercolor and foiling. The latter is used after everything is set with the first technique. When it comes to printing, you won’t need anymore to wait long for the colors to set. 

In the design, you can have anything you think. The abstract is a popular choice because it is functional for any event such as wedding ceremonies. 

  • Floral Foil Wedding Invitations

Florals are not only the start of the event when it comes to the wedding. It is also present in designs. If you are intending to have a ceremony where there will be a lot of flowers, you can start with the invitations now. 

Fill the air with the beauty of nature through combinations of flower arrangements. Your guest attendees will find it unique if they see them in gold foiling. This design is a must in your wedding invitation. 

To begin, find your flower. Think about whether you will design as a border or as a focal point. There were ideas before where the couples decided to make a rose the centerpiece, then spiraling patterns are put along with it. 

  • Marble Foil Wedding Invitations

Marbles interests many graphic designers today. These are supposedly a nice background for gold foiling in wedding invitations. When put together, they create an elegant touch.

If you are going to use a marble design, there are a lot of choices. Think about your theme color first. Like for example, you will use pink. There are pink marble vectors perfect for invitations.

The color is a perfect choice to go with gold foil. On the other note, there are also other colors that you can use such as gray, blue, and more. You can choose a variety of marble patterns too. 

  • Travel Destination Foil Wedding Invitations

Do you love traveling? Perhaps, you can try using this idea for your foiled wedding invitation. Invites should not be boring, so you do not need to stick with one design. 

A travel destination foil wedding invitation is a great way to set the mood in your announcement. Make a realistic passport or ticket for a certain place. This one can be where your ceremony will happen. 

Your guests will surely get thrilled with this idea. They will also appreciate how your invitation will be done. Notably, choose how the foils will combine with the travel design. 

There are two foils you can choose from. It is the silver and gold that your names and other details can be made with. 

  • Foil Stamped Foil Wedding Invitations

Simplicity is beauty. Some couples prefer minimalist ideas even when it is about their wedding. If you want this one, you should have the foil stamped foil wedding invitation. 

Foiling is a straightforward design that is eye-catching and elegant. Even if you will only have this one as your motif in the invitation, the attendees will not say you did not do any effort on it.

Gold and silver foiling is a specialty kind of printing where metallic foils are used to engraved different shapes and patterns. You can also try the metallic glossy and matte ones. 

With your foiled design and high-quality paper, you would not need to add anything else. It is surely going to be a perfect wedding invitation, minimalist and perfect. 


Lastly, wedding invitations are crucial because your ceremony’s vibe will come from them. Your guest will feel through it how well you want everything to be perfect. Give them the best of your through the use of different foiling invitation designs. You will never regret using any of the ideas above.