Best Outdoor Wedding Invitation Ideas of 2020-21

Whether you will celebrate it while it is snowing or when it’s sunny, nothing beats an outdoor wedding announcement than a great invitation! Setting the mood for one of the most significant events in your life starts with choosing the best design. Check out these designs that you can use for your 2020 wedding!

Wildflower Watercolour Wedding Invitation by Crimson Letters

From an experienced designer of the industry, Crimson Letters came through with this light and bright invitation. They were able to get a feel through the mood board the client provided alongside notes to be elegant, simple, and lots of wildflowers. After experimenting with watercolour techniques, they were able to reach to the final collage of flowers paired with beautiful calligraphy, soft white paper, and a lace ribbon. This is a great design that you can use if you opted to have a wedding on a flower farm or during the spring.

Serene & Peaceful Bridals on a Calm Sea by The Wells Makery

Centred on a bridal shoot by the water, The Wells Makery to create the paper goods. As you can see, they used dark blues to reflect the sea with a contrast of brown to create peacefulness. They also included birds and fish suspended in motion. Each letter was written with an elegant script that flowed with the background. Finally, they made use of various knots to keep them all together. This is a great inspiration for an invitation to a wedding near a body of water.

Modern Outdoor Wedding Invitation by Confetti Events

As one of the simplest outdoor wedding invitation wording ideas, this set reflects the couple’s choice of wedding. They opted to be wedded at a brewery, including special labeled beer for all the guests for the reception. The paper the invitation is written on is a simple white card with hints of grey. It is tucked into a brown envelope that resembles a piece of wood and sealed with a custom ink seal. 

Fall Farm Wedding Invitation by Clayton Austin

Aside from local breweries, farms are a great place to have a great outdoor wedding. This wedding invitation set is based on this outdoor space in California. What’s unique about it is that it is the couple’s own home, included a well-decorated reception dining table. Notice the cursive lettering done on a white background that features an artichoke and a detailed drawing of a fish. The envelope is paired with a leaf, a pattern of fish scales, and wrapped in string.

Woodland Dream by Jill Means (Minted)

As part of their 2016 collection, Minted released a collection of wonderful wedding invitation sets that various couples can get. With that in mind, they included Jill Means’ work, which reflects the simple beauty of being surrounded by trees. They make use of a white and light green colour scheme with a simple, readable font. This will look great for a wedding near a forest or a mountain, or that either of you like hiking in the wilderness often.

Tutti Frutti Wedding Invitation Set by Ruban Collectif

The French stationery maker created this set which is great for an outdoor wedding. A small collage of different fruit gives it its cheerful charm. Aside from that, they make use of a simple font and small highlight of white lines on off-white paper. If you are looking for a simple but fun wedding invitation set, you can think about getting something like this. We recommend this set for couples who will have weddings by the beach, farm, or orchard.

Hand-drawn Floral Wedding Invitation by Poppy and Scooter

If you want to make your outdoor wedding invitation wording as vintage and elegant as possible, you can check out this design. Notice that it makes use of a simple card with flowers drawn delicately with a pencil. This is then followed with the formal invitation in a lovely script. Poppy and Scooter made it to accompany a soft wedding in the summer. It is perfect for a bride who wants to view their wedding in such a light.

Mountain Wedding Invitation Set from ohsobeautifulpaper

As we covered sets that involve getting married near the sea to in a local brewery, this one is focused on the mountains. The envelope has the couple’s name, wedding venue, and wedding date on the front. Meanwhile, the wedding invitation itself is a simple green card with simpler text regarding the wedding. Aside from that, it has a lovely image of a mountain on the other side.

Adele Wedding Invitation Set by ProjectPartyStudio

ProjectPartyStudio is a company headed by Andrea and Dani, who made a brand around wedding invitations to calligraphy sets. This set allows you to include a picture of you and your future husband accompanied with simple envelope in the colour of your choice. Not only that, but it comes with a unique gift stamp that you can choose between 40 matching designs. This is a great way to give your guests a memorable souvenir.

Coast Wedding Invitation by Lauren Merrick Illustration

Let’s wrap up this list with a unique design for an outdoor wedding invitation. Lauren Merrick created one that captured the moment of the bride and the groom celebrating together with their guests by the sea. What makes this stand out among the other designs was that she used various pieces of paper to make the images pop out combined with a lovely collage. This is then topped off with gorgeous calligraphy and watercolour. Overall, this makes for a great keepsake for a memorable day. 


We checked out lots of wedding invitations from various designers. Whether they have beautiful calligraphy or cute flower patterns, you can get the right one based on your preference and wedding theme. The design should not only be vibrant but does not distract your guests too much from the wedding details. Aside from that, make sure to send them out as early as possible to help them decide whether to come and reduce your stress from planning.