Best Passport-Themed Wedding Invitations to Try

Wedding ideas are getting harder to think about nowadays. With all the new trends coming up everywhere, most couples are losing their focus on what to have at their ceremonies. 

Why don’t you try the passport invitations? Start with your invites and create something uncommon. Be unique from what is often used as themes today. Get out of the box and try something new. 

Wedding passport invitation themes & designs in 2020

  • Vintage passport wedding invitation

Vintage never goes old when it comes to weddings. Most brides love this idea due to its elegance and romantic vibes. More so, it is classic and fashionable. It fits anything as long as you can plan it carefully.

Draw memories from the past and create a beautiful symmetry with vintage passport wedding invitations. The guest attendees will surely love looking at it while following where and when the event will be. 

How to do a vintage theme? Pick your era. Is it the 1920s or 1960s? There is so much period which you can choose from. Upon identifying one, the design easily will come. 

The colors and the embellishments can be easily put together to have a timeless wedding invitation. 

  • Boarding passport wedding invitation

According to the dictionary, a boarding pass is a document that passengers get on airport or cruise check-in. These papers are still being used today. It gives its owner permission to enter some restricted place at a particular time and date. 

Use the same idea of the boarding pass for your wedding invitation today. If you want a highly personal celebration, the attendees can only enter using the invites. Everyone must have it upon entry.

Make the invitation like an airplane pass with the guests’ names, destination, date, and time stamps. Add more images and text to fully maximize the idea of a boarding ticket. 

  • Destination passport wedding invitation

If you love traveling, this passport invitation template is for you. Create more buzz as you let your friends and family members feel like they are going somewhere on your wedding day.

Create a destination invitation. What does it mean? Your central theme will be a passport, and it will be designed with a popular place like Hawaii or Maldives. 

The invites will have the same contents as your names, date, time, and place. However, it will be filled more with exciting images of tourist destinations. 

Use the beautiful sceneries of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head State Monument, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Volcanoes National Park, Waimea Canyon State Park, and  Maui Ocean Center. Fill the leaves of your passport with each of them. 

  • Gold foil passport wedding invitation

Gold foil printing is becoming an intensely popular design choice nowadays. Many people are opting to use it as an artistic flair for all occasion invitations. Accordingly, you can do the same with your wedding. 

With the gold foiling in your wedding invites, you will get more elegance and classic feels. Its colors will be your main benefits with the two as it is more attention-grabbing. Your guests will also appreciate the high-quality vibes it will give off. 

There are a lot of printing companies doing this design now. Tell your chosen designer to use gold foiling for the text and the images on the cover. Then, use it again as inlays for the inside portions. 

  • Watercolor passport wedding invitation

Many people have not yet realized the beauty of watercolors. Notably, many artists are trying hard now to introduce them to the industry.  Help them spread the word and create a much personal and unique approach to your passport wedding invitation.

For the passport theme, you will still get the same thing. Make realistic passport with cover and inside leaves. Do not ever forget the information sheet.  This one is where you will put the main wedding details. 

Your cover can have a dazzling emblem of your names and the tag as a wedding passport. 

For the watercolor, the inside will be filled with its artistry. If you get married on the beach, use lots of blues and greens for the design backdrop. Use the technique to create images of everything you want instead of printing. 

  • Itinerary passport wedding invitation

Weddings should be one of the most planned events in your life. Without careful planning, there is a chance that it would not turn out as you dream it is. This one is the same as traveling. You need an itinerary!

Why don’t you include this interesting idea for your wedding invitations? Have an itinerary passport wedding card. 

Design your invitation like a passport with all the details embedded in it. Notably, the main details are not the only things on it. Even the simplest matters should be included such as the food menu, RSVP response, accommodation description, location map, and everything else. 

  • Embossed passport wedding invitation

Brides are often the ones deciding about wedding affairs. Brainstorming ideas are one of the most crucial points in weddings than its actual ceremony. You need to be careful in making decisions. Your invitation is part of this. 

Gold foiling is not the only design you can choose for your wedding invitation in 2020. In particular, we also have the embossed versions of the passport wedding cards. This one is an equally marvelous thing to try.

Try a passport themed invitation where the designs are embossed. There are many internet templates on the web now. You can try to look at them and choose an inspiration. 

After choosing, create a personalized version. Do you want more romantic or more contemporary? There are inlays for both. The first would have more lacy textures, and the other would have more abstract designs. 

  • Ultimate combination passport wedding invitation

At some point, you might be asking whether you can or not put some of the numbers here together. You can technically do it! Have a blast putting them together and have the best wedding invitation ever. 

An embossed realistic wedding invitation is an example. This one is a nice trend because you can even fool your guest thinking that the passport is authentic. Feature the other designs too, put gold foiled inlay for more dramatic feels.