How to Make Cute Wedding Place Cards

What do you do when you have so many guests but lack in staff to usher your guests? Wedding receptions can be messy without proper planning. That is why wedding receptions use place cards to ensure a smooth and flawless wedding ceremony.

Place cards are labels used to guide your guests to their assigned tables. They are fixed with table placements to make sure everyone sits with the right group of people. However, besides its practicality, it has become another avenue to add that extra quirk to your wedding preparations.

This article shows you how to make cute wedding place cards that you can use in your wedding. Most of these are DIY, but for couples who want quick and elegant place cards, there are also printable wedding place card available for you.

Things to Consider


The common template for place card wordings includes the guest’s name and the table number. You can add special characters to separate these two, like a tilde or some lines.

Card Material

There are two main types of paper place cards. The first place card has to be strong enough to stand on top of the table because it will be folded once and propped up with its sides as its legs. The other card is a simple 2D card that has to be clipped when displayed.

For stand-alone place cards, use a heavy, cardboard-like material. There are plenty of textured cardboard papers as well as scented ones that fit perfectly for a wedding place card.

Printing Technique

Make sure to use water-proof laser printers if you choose to print the cards at home. Ink printed papers will have runny ink when wet. You might want to avoid this especially because you’re setting it up on the table.

Do you want to go for a more elegant look? Look for a local printer for your texts embossed on the card. The texture adds an extra layer to the sight and the touch, especially when embossed in metallic colors like gold.

Font for Texts

Find a font that matches the theme of your wedding. Make sure it is legible from at least 3 meters away so that your guests can easily see their names.

There are several popular fonts for any kind of wedding. Try printing them out to see if you like what they bring to the aesthetics of your table placement.


–     Baroque Script – formal and easy to read

–     Pacifico – cute, playful, and easy to read the script

–     Lobster – easy to read, country vibes

–     Olivier – informal script; easy to read; light and quirky

–     Wild Orchid – brush script; looks like a handwriting

–     Pinyon script – formal and easy to read


Other Materials To Use

Besides paper, you can also use carved wood to print out names. This can be done quickly using laser woodcutters. You can also opt to engrave thin pieces of wood for a more convenient approach.

Do you want to leave your guests with souvenirs? Print your guests’ names on enamel or circle badge pins which you can attach to each table napkin. They are strong and won’t get wet so you don’t have to worry about losing a place card during preparations.

Place Card Designs


If you want to give your cards a more personalized touch, try writing the guests’ names using watercolor or any color of the paintbrush. Arrange these watercolor place cards with gorgeous, colorful flowers.

Not only will this make your table vibrant, but it will also be a topic of conversation for your guests as they wait for the celebration to start.


Another way to personalize your place cards is through calligraphy. This style produces a more serious tone to the place card, but printing the background for the card can transform its overall look.

For minimalist place cards, line your cards with metallic foil, or place embossed borders around your textured card. If you want to use more colors, try different colored inks or shimmering ink. Diamine has classy shimmering inks like a pink flamingo, peacock flare, and mystique that will surely make the names stand out.

Nature Motif

Plants and flora can add a different dimension to your place cards. Adding borders is important because they can enhance the visibility of your card from afar. Plain lines can make your paper look like business cards instead of place cards. Prints like leaves and flowers are the best way to make elegant borders.

Try to pick flowers that complement the wedding theme. For example, for pastel weddings, go for light-colored flowers as well. Peach peonies, blue hydrangeas, and purple orchids are some flowers to choose from.

Cardholder Designs

Why stop with the cards? Widen your imagination and include the place cardholders in your decoration. Perhaps these designs will motivate you if you have run out of wedding place card ideas.

Bulb plants

Try make-shift mini-terrariums that can fit inside a bulb. It’s cute and chic, especially when paired with gold place card text.

Cork/Wood Holders

Going for that rustic-themed dream wedding? Try using makeshift cork holders. Simply cut a space in the middle to park your card and voila! They are neat and environmentally-friendly too!

Metal Standees

For fans of metal sculpting, try creating your own metal standees. These can be made using bronze, stainless steel, or any thin malleable metal. One simply has to make a spiral at the end of the stand that can hold a flat place card in between. You can also make different shapes such as flowers, leaves, and birds using this technique.

Acorn Holders

Wedding ceremonies held in the winter season will love this standard idea. Acorn can be symbols for the season, which is why they are usually placed in yuletide wreaths. In order to make this simple standee, cut the acorn from the top to around a quarter deep inside.

At weddings, the huge things up to the small decisions matter. It is the only day you’ll get to celebrate your union in the presence of all your loved ones, and it is just right for you to carefully plan the ceremony from the wedding invitations right down to the thank you cards. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and have fun designing your place cards!