Best Wedding Websites You Should Not Miss Out On

Planning your wedding day is never easy. You spend months engaging with designers, weeks of going back and forth from one store to another, and days of creating the actual style and decorations. It is tiring and mostly time consuming, especially when you have other things to tend to. Especially if you are planning a wedding for the first time.

From managing the budget, locating the perfect venue to being under pressure, and making important decisions, it could be overwhelming for some. Luckily, in today’s era of high technology, wedding arrangement is a lot easier. With online wedding websites, resources are just one click away. 

Inside A Wedding Website

Before digging into some of the wedding websites, you must have the idea of what it is all about. A wedding website is a personalized site where you can share all the information of your upcoming dream day. Just like a social media site, you can post, share and invite people over to view your site. 

You can even connect, contact, and collect information from your guests all over the world. In a wedding website, you must input everything your guests need to know. You can place a frequently asked questions bar where there is an answer to everything. Your guests can leave a comment behind, so you better ask them for opinions. 

With this made online, you can consume less time with simply directing to your family and friends through any platform. Be sure to create your website at least 6 months before your big day. You can always ask for advice on how to make a website, or watch tutorial videos online. In case you’re wondering what are some of the best wedding websites, examples are below.


Zola is a free wedding website that is accessible by anyone. Like any other website, it features tons of stuff including a wedding registry, guest list, and a wedding checklist tool. It also features tabs such as Home, Schedule, Registry, Travel, Wedding Photos, FAQs and RSVP. 

This website is password protected for your security. It also collects your guests’ addresses and tracks their RSVP status. You can manage guest count and meal preferences too. And you can change your website design anytime. 

The Knot

The Knot is also a free wedding website like Zola, however it is upgradable to $19.99 per year if you want a custom domain. The features of The Knot includes guest lists, addresses, tracking RSVPs and invites. In this website, you can add any pages and sections that you deem useful. The Knot boasts of its variety of themes and colors to choose from.

Another good feature of this website is its ability to track nearby hotels for your guests, which usually is located near the venue. There is also a wedding budget tool feature that helps you stay on your limit. And you can message your guests directly via text or email.


This wedding website is for free unless you want to pay the custom domain for $12.99. WeddingWire allows you to customize the background template where you can place your engagement photo. Like The Knot, it also has easy hotel management where it recommends nearby hotels for your guests, and you can book a room in advance. 

Also, it is protected with a password and you can easily hide it from search engines to avoid leakage of wedding details. However, this website does not allow you to use the WeddingWire app to edit or make changes to your wedding plans.


Joy is one of the best wedding websites existing out there, and it is free. Joy boasts of its more than 100 themes to choose from, most of which are eco-friendly. Joy allows multiple people to manage the site. Some of its promising features include digital RSVPs, streaming virtual events, and a guest list tool that enables you to manage your guests. 

Joy also has a tag feature where you can categorize your guests according to certain groups such as high school friends, work mates or simply family friends. This website also enables you to notify your guests of any changes. Moreover, Joy is for newcomers since it is definitely user-friendly.


This wedding website is certainly among the best but it is not free. You have to pay $49.00 for the Boutique Collection and $149 for the Luxury Collection. AppyCouple comes with a price but it never fails when it comes to its interactive features and extravagant designs. This website allows you to have a personalized application which your guests can use for RSVP purposes.

When guests take photos from the application, it automatically goes to your gallery so you can save every memory there is. AppyCouple also enables you to instantly communicate with your guests, and book them to a nearby hotel for a discounted price. 


This is another wedding website you can get for free but with only limited features. You’ll have to pay $20.00 to upgrade to premium for lifetime use. Minted is known for its unique and attractive designs. It is also one of the most user-friendly websites, and is perfect for newcomers.

It is easy to calibrate with a quick start guide that will help you if you are lost. Minted definitely put emphasis on design and aesthetic look. However, in this website, most of the essential features are only available in premium. If you have a tight budget, you might want to look for a free website. 

Riley & Grey

This is a wedding website which you need to pay $35.00 per month. Riley & Grey is perfect if you want a luxurious feel for your site. Like Minted, it features elegant designs which can be customized any time. Some of its sections include Designs, Features, FAQs, and a Wedding Guide.

Riley & Grey also allows you to write your love story you might want to share to your guests. It also enables your guests to write a comment back and share their thoughts. This website is also password protected. However, this website is time consuming since most of the features are manually input.