Cool Chalkboard Wedding Invitations to Use for Your Wedding

Are you having a wedding before 2020 ends? Make sure to prepare your wedding invitations as early as possible. If you are thinking of getting wedding invitations chalkboard style, then you’re in luck! The list of wedding invitation designs below can help you find one that’s perfect for your wedding and help set the mood.

Lights and Flowers Chalkboard Suite by CardHunter

Hosted over on Zazzle, the design uses lights and flowers to convey a soft, bright wedding from the start. They made sure to make it look like it is written on a chalkboard while using clear, beautiful fonts to emphasize the event. Unlike other sets, they include a card for a bridal shower and several “Thank You” stickers for the guests. As one of the great rustic chalkboard wedding invitations available, you can modify this design on the app from the shape to the content itself.

Vintage Poster Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Suite by  PaperHeartCompany

If you want a retro design for your wedding invitation, then this set from PaperHeartCompany might suit you! The invitation itself is surrounded by a white border filled with an ornate design. What makes it old-fashioned is the font used to highlight various details such as the wedding’s time, date, and location. You can also get a small RSVP card that allows guests to write their names and how many people they will be bringing.

How Everything Began Wedding Invitation Suite by sthblue

If you want to bring more intrigue to your guests before the big day, you can get this set on Etsy. You can include a one-liner describing how you and your significant other met on the actual invitation, then follow up on the details of your wedding. Its design focuses on the information on the card and sprinkles a touch of elegance. The RSVP card includes enough space to fill in your guests’ names and whether they will come or not.

Winter Wedding Invitation Suite by tranquilina

If you are having one of the most significant events in your life during the holidays, this is one of the many cheap chalkboard wedding invitations you can get. Notice that it is composed of various season symbols: Christmas decorations in white and red and a starry winter backdrop in a spruce forest. They have a combination of a simple script and a typeface to highlight various details about the event.

Pastel Floral Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Bundle by normadorothy

What makes this wedding invitation bundle different from the rest is that there are many customization options with this one. From including a special card with your wedding details to adding gems on the invitation, you can choose specific designs to make your wedding memorable for you and your guests. Its design includes lovely flowers and beautiful fonts using the pastel green and pink color scheme.

Save the Date Rustic Wedding Invitation Set by ChildPaperCompany

If you want something more simple and straight to the point, you can opt for this set from ChildPaperCompany. The actual wedding invitation set centers around the theme “Save the Date,” which includes a calendar with the date encircled at the back. What makes it charming are the little hearts and ribbons shown in the card. On your request, they can also make the accompanying wedding sets, such as RSVP cards and reception menu cards.

Nautical Wedding Invitation by HandmadeByHannahMP

Were you thinking of marrying on a boat or near the seashore? You can get this wonderful invitation from HandmadeByHannahMP. Notice that they use an image of the anchor and a font that resembles fonts to keep one’s attention on the page. These are then shown on a piece of card that resembles a chalkboard. For each order, you can get the envelopes, and they allow you to order one to check whether this is a good fit for your special day.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Set by GrinnandBear

For a vintage wedding invitation, they make use of a different layout from the get-go. Its front shows you and your future husband’s name in an elegant script. On the back, it shows the details with an old-style font and ornate designs. Even if the wedding invitation makes use of a chalkboard-like background, the RSVP card that comes with it makes use of a black and white background. They allow for any custom cards with this as the base as well.

Bunting Rustic Wedding Invitation Set by The little design den

As we go back to a simplistic design, the little designden has a great wedding invitation set that makes use of a rustic chalkboard layout filled with content and designs written in white chalk. The main wedding invitation card compresses all the vital information on one side using a font that reminds you of a cozy family restaurant. While the first option allows you to get the invitations solo, the ther three options can give you the RSVP, honeymoon card, and guest list.

Fairy Lights with Foil on Chalkboard Wedding Invitation Set by EivisSaKindDesigns

The last item on this list we will recommend for you has a similar package approach as the previous one. However, they not only allow for extra cards with the wedding invitation itself. You can also opt to have a foil pattern on each card. You can also opt to have the information about the wedding on a separate card. They use fairy lights for each card, which adds a touch of personality to your celebration.


From vintage to floral designs, there are many chalkboard wedding invitation ideas to choose. When it comes to choosing one to use, make sure to ask for a sample of their set before ordering it for your entire guest list. Also, the design has to fit in with your wedding’s theme and personal preferences. 

After choosing the design, you want to stick to, make sure to chart how long it would take to have all the invitations done and sent out. That way, you would prevent any delays with the rest of the preparations. This will help reduce your stress as much as possible to help you focus on your big day.