Tips on How to Save Money on Cheap Vintage Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is an integral part of the ceremony itself. You need this one to ask people to come and take part in the beautiful occasion. 

Accordingly, it is not cheap to get designs and to print vintage wedding invitations. Some couples even limit these things because they can’t afford to give everybody. 

The article will help you make the most of your delightful event. Do not be limited by budget problems; you can do many things. Read this whole article and find out the best tips about cheap vintage invitations. 

In particular, you do not need to sacrifice quality because you need to limit your budget. It is a crucial part of the wedding equation, although we can still make things with top-quality.

Tips and Tricks on Saving Money for Vintage Wedding Invitations

  • Limit decorative style

Sometimes, price is all about what and how are things in your put in the wedding invitation. If you want vintage wedding invitations cheap, be a minimalist. Remove those who are not needed.

Simplicity is also a beauty. Accordingly, you do not need an elegant invitation. You can send your fascinating love story without going over the top.

Opt for usual printing if you need to. Do not go anymore for 3D versions where you should have pretty laces or elegant ribbons to go with the invitation card. 

  • Be creative on paper 

Like what was said above, you do not need too many decorations on your invitations. Please keep it simple but make it as incredibly memorable as possible. 

The invitation paper will help you with the matter. Notably, cardstocks are what we usually use in the actual wedding invitations. You can defy this one. 

Experiment and try new things. Can we use a simple bond paper? What other papers can we use? Have these thoughts. You will never know the possibilities until you try it. Hence, give more time for your preparation. 

  • Explore digital announcements

The current time is on your side about the vintage wedding invitations. There is still one way to make it as low cost as possible. Try sending the digital copies of the cards rather than printing them. 

What is the advantage of digital announcements? You do not need to buy cardstock papers, there is no need for a printing service, and you won’t need to visit people personally. 

The three matters are quite expensive. It will take your money and effort. With these, cut them by sending the invites in email and social media platforms. Explore the benefits of the digital world today. 

  • Compare and compare prices

In making invitation cards, you have two options: either do it yourself or hire a graphic designer. If you choose the latter, it might prove more expensive, but you could help yourself find someone cheaper.

Ask for recommendations from your family and friends. They might know someone who has some experience in doing wedding invitations. These people could also be someone who they hired the service too. 

Collect as many connections as possible, then inquire to them one by one. Do not be tired of doing it because you need to compare and compare what they offer. Over time, you will find someone who suits your needs and budget. 

  • Consider Do It Yourself designs

Some couples opt to make their wedding invitations because they find it cheaper than hiring other people to do the job. These are quite good if you have an intimate ceremony where there are only a small number of attendees.

With the Do It Yourself, everything will be decided by you. It is only time-consuming because you won’t have any expertise with you. All things will be researched with rigorous effort. 

The work will not end with the theme but with the final design of the main product. You will do it alone, but it is still going to be worth it in the end. 

  • Get bulk service

Along with number four, this tip will make a fine combo. You have decided to get a graphic designer, and you have made significant progress in the design now. Accordingly, the next step is printing. 

Do not buy into the service for a few pieces only. Order a bulk so it will be priced lesser. If you can get hundreds, it is relatively good because the materials will be bought cheaper too. You can even get a discount on this tip with it. 

  • Book as early as possible

Booking early is the last tip in this list. Either you decide to hire a graphic designer or do the vintage wedding invitation alone, you need to get the materials and services as soon as possible. 

There are seasons in getting married. In particular, all the matters related to it will soar in price too. The demand will go up, and the vendors will take advantage of it. 

If you want to deflect the demand, get what you need as early as possible. Give a year or a few months before the actual need for the invitations. It will also help you get ready for a more extended period. 

For graphic designers, they have lesser service prices when you get them months away. The price goes up when it is nearer the date. 

  • Skip the engraving and embossing

If you know these two words, engrave and emboss, you probably also know how beautiful they are. These two are indeed the queens of wedding invitation design. 

There are a lot of stories where the two are used, and they have provided incredible elegance. However, they are also expensive for the pocket. These are particular services which are given by skilled professionals.

Skip the engrave and emboss if you can. It will ultimately lead to a lesser service fee. You will only pay for the designer, and they won’t need to hire another person with the particular skills to deal with your request. 

Always remember that simplicity is also a virtue of beauty.