How to Make Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Acrylic wedding invitations are one of the most popular services on the web today. You will see some designers offering them, and you will not regret having it! Grab the chance and see for yourself why this one is incredibly famous. 

How does it work? An acrylic card is used as a paper then UV printing technology will be used to cure ink in it. Its catch is the more saturated colors of the ink. The lovely colors deliver more punch, and it is something your guest attendees will surely love. 

We will give you here more ideas about what clear acrylic wedding invitations you can have this 2020. Set the bar higher in your dream wedding. 

  • Floral Color Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Flowers are always present when it comes to any events, especially weddings. These are often the highlights because it is considered to bring happiness and romance aside from the beauty and elegance it creates in celebration’s ambiance. 

Put the same thought in your wedding invitation as well. Before you throw a bouquet in the ceremony, bring the exact feeling ahead. Include floral designs now. 

There are many ways of utilizing floral designs. Get the Boho vibe with daisies, cowslips, poppies, thistles, and lots of others with pink to orange tones. Then, you can also get a romantic vibe with roses, clematis, and anemones. 

The flower images will be printed on the acrylic sheet. They may surround the whole page or get strategically placed on the top or bottom. 

Some even use different shapes and textures. A bouquet encircling your names on the sheet will be a great way to emphasize the union. 

Accordingly, you can also choose to get a multicolored design or a clear colored design. Both are excellent choices, and they have contrasting effects. 

  • Banner Acrylic Wedding Invitation

If you are captivated by the beauty of flowers in the first number, an acrylic wedding invitation can also accommodate other designs such as banners. These are simple yet an outstanding choice. 

Let the world know about your wedding by incorporating a nice banner on the announcement card. Some couples opt for elegant choices, although you can choose the most stylish. It will all depend on you.


  • Gold Designed Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Gold foiling is a smart choice for designs. It is not only a perfect alternative for the usual white and black text colors. Surprise everyone with a new trend using gold tones all over your wedding invitation. 

It is an excellent match for any kind of acrylic invitation card, so you would not have any problem using it. 

Furthermore, gold foiling is not only for text but it is also used in designing the whole invitation page. It is a spot of ink for anything such as images too. 

If you want to personalize, you can have your favorite wedding photo printed in gold. Then, design it somewhere in the invitation. 

For other choices, you can also go silver with all things in this number. It is another option you can make if you feel too much gold in the invitation.

  • Minimalist Acrylic Wedding Invitation

If you are a simple person and you want everything near it. Get the minimalist version of the acrylic wedding invitation. It is a prime choice for people who do not like fuss. Get the elegant and sophisticated vibe instead.

Good calligraphy will help you achieve the finest simple acrylic wedding card. Let the writing style bring out the best and leave no space for other embellishments. Notably, you can still add some borders if you want some. 

Borders are an exemplary escape for being stylish without overdoing things. Stay with minimalism with delightful flair. 

  • Frosted Acrylic Wedding Invitation

There are two choices for the acrylic base when it comes to invitation cards. One is the frosted version where it has a more cloudy look than the other one. It is still translucent in some sense, but with a blurred effect. 

In using the frosted styles, we can diffuse the light more and add more dimension to the colors of the inks used in the wedding invitation. It will help your guest attendees to appreciate more the images on it. 

What designs can frosted acrylic wedding invitations hold? You can put anything you want from images to text. As it is less translucent, images will be clearer, so make it worthwhile. Place your best photo along with all the main details you should put. 

  • Clear Acrylic Wedding Invitation

Clear acrylic wedding invitations is the other form of the base. You can also use this one if you feel that frosted is not your style. It is a unique start for a perfect announcement card. 

Dress the base with anything you want yet remain classy. Start with the following, play with any font like Maker Script, Modern Calligraphy, Simplicity Swirls, and more, then add some borders. They can come in any size, shape, and texture. 

Leaves, ribbons, a variety of lines,  and lines can also be welcomed. These will add more liveliness to the invitation while fueling your personality on it. 

  • Destination Acrylic Wedding Invitation

For the last in this list, we have the destination acrylic wedding invitation. This one is a bit more crafty than most here, although it is also the most expensive. It needs a good designer to achieve the best look. 

You can choose between a frosted and clear base. Start with choosing between them. Either of the two is perfect, and the choice will only rely on your personal preference. 

About the destination, it aims to bring life to a beautiful place where your wedding ceremony will take place. 

Beach weddings are the most sought after nowadays. If you do, the sea can be a nice background for your ceremony details. Let the waves tickle the guest attendees and make them feel the vibe through it. 

Besides the beach wedding, a garden wedding is a popular choice too. Let the flowers and the trees entice your attendees. Choose a section of your venue and print a teaser of it on the acrylic base.