Destination Wedding Invitations Ideas for Your Dream Wedding

How do you select a book when you buy one? Perhaps, you check first its cover. How about when you are travelling? Perhaps, the pictures on the brochure help a lot to you. These images are actually about setting the tone and mood. 

In tone and mood, it is all about the particular feel of everything. It is the same when you get married. You would not want a sad place for it to happen.

If you are a Disney princess type, you will choose a magical location. Then, if you are the traditional ones, a magnificent church would be excellent. Beach weddings are also famous for younger couples nowadays. 

With all of these in mind, destination wedding invitations are born. These are types of invites where the best places around your ceremony location are put as design. Many are opting for this kind of design today. 

If you are new to this unique destination wedding invitations, read this whole article now. Get the best ideas on how you may also have the same artistic vibe to your ceremony invite.

Destination Wedding Invitations Techniques

  • Watercolour Painting

When it comes to putting an impressive creative touch to anything, the watercolour is the most excellent choice. It is perfect for fabrics, wood, paper, and other materials. Accordingly, this one is the reason why it is useful for destination invitations. 

Create simple to complex combinations of colours in your invites. You may use the hues of blues to recreate the beautiful sea while it kisses the sky. It might have been the image you first saw when you location checked the area. 

Notably, watercolour painting may also give life to a colourful sunset. Like the sea, it is one of the most beautiful sceneries that your guest attendees will love when they receive the invitation. 

  • Silhouette Drawing

There are a lot of destination wedding invitations template on the web now. One of the most popular is the Silhouette ones. 

According to a source, Silhouette is rendering any object’s shape with a single dark colour and putting it with a light background. Its beauty comes out on the contrasts of the two. 

Wedding invitations could also get this astonishing beauty. If you do not have any idea on how to start with this design, go over the web. Find websites like Pinterest to get fresh ideas. 

  • Text Designing

If you think the text is not part of the destination design, then you are wrong. Destination wedding invitations wording are also crucial in setting the tone and mood of the ceremony.

You may just include some famous quotes or local words in the invitation to make it more personal. Of course, there will be nothing like it! Embrace your destination today. 

  • Location’s Signaturing

Aside from local words, you may also opt to use the place’s signature symbols. These will help the attendees identify the site and the key in the vibe of the area.

Are you familiar with Oheka Castle in Huntington, Gramercy Park Hotel, Rainbow Room, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills? To tell, all of them are located in New York. These are the most popular sites in the location for weddings. 

Almost everyone knows that the Statue of Liberty stands in New York; it is an excellent local signature for a wedding destination invitation. 

  • Plant Theming

When we talk about current famous hobbies nowadays, taking care of plants top the list. Use them too when you create your wedding invitation.

Incorporate leaves of different shapes and sizes to make pretty invites. Hawaiin leaves are the prime examples of good design. Play with colours too so it will look more customised. 

  • Countryside Vibing

Create Countryside styled design on your wedding invites. In particular, there are a lot of choices here. You may opt for the traditional wood and brick one or the modern one which is more playful but artsy.

French country style is also another thing. Pale pastel colours, wood theme, and printed fabrics are the star of this one. 

Think carefully about what you prefer among them and use their individuality to make the best design.  

  • Floral Designing

Suppose we have the plants before you can’t take away flowers in design too. Do you like unique kinds or the more tame ones? Dried ones are popular in recreating invitations now. However, you may still have the printed ones.

Once again, colours will help achieve the best result in this design. Give more justice to it by using the most suitable layout for the text and the background. 

  • Scenery Painting

If the beach is loved by many, garden weddings are also another option. Make use of this beautiful scenery to set the mood and tone of the event. 

Instead of dull solid colours, play with the sparkling turquoise of the ocean and the greeny of the mountains. Let the guests see through it how you expect the ceremony to go on.

Is it an ecstatic event where everyone is expected to enjoy it? Perfection is planned, so let them feel it starting with your invitation.

  • Ocean Theming

Do you like seashells and fishes? How about sea waves? Your wedding invites will indeed shout Beach wedding if you include them.

Use various blues also from the softest tones to the brightest ones. Let the wave curl on your names while the fishes swim to put borders. Besides it, you may also infuse the invitation with the sea breeze smell. 

  • Architecture Designing

Make a custom design by putting different architectures. The shapes of iron fences would be a great way to put borders and to include designs. 

Bring the taste of the Century-Old Church where you will wed to your guest attendees before they even see it. Let them feel the princess vibe you like to have while they scan where it will happen. 

This kind of creation will also add more on setting what kind of emotions you want the people to have while you walk the aisle.