Different Types of Envelope Sizes You Need to Know

Envelopes will always be a dear part when it comes to wedding invitations. They would come in different shapes, designs, and sizes, yet their aim remained the same throughout. 

If you are a bride looking for more pieces of information about standard envelopes, you came to the right place. We will talk about them, especially their sizes, which you need to know. 

Let us celebrate your dream wedding with this amazing knowledge. Accordingly, this information will help you make the most important decisions about the topic. 

With a mediocre envelope, your guest will not feel the overall vibe of your ceremony despite the beauty of the invitation itself. Read everything and avoid it now. 

What are the types of wedding invitation envelopes and their sizes?

According to Shutterfly.com, five standard wedding envelopes are always used. They are the Baronial flap, square flap, European flap, A1 square flap, and straight-lined flap. 

The five types dominate the wedding world when it comes to keeping the main invitation secured. Almost all bride requests for the same types, although there are still others who are more experimental.

To discuss more, here is a comprehensive discussion about each. 

  • Baronial Flap

The Baronial flap is the 6 ¼ x 8 ½ that often houses 6 x 8 card sizes. It is the most common in all the envelopes because it is incredibly perfect for all occasions may it be formal or informal events. 

The wedding invitation envelope size standard frequently varies in colors and textures. Notably, you can get them anywhere today. There are so many of them in the market now. 

If you need a quick envelope for any invitation, head over to any stationery shop in your area. They will have a white Baronial flap in there. This one is a great type of it. 

  • Square Flap

The 5 ½ x 5 ½ envelopes for wedding invitations are called the square flaps. These often have 5 x 5 invitation sizes inside of them. It is the next most famous type in weddings when it comes to versatility. 

In particular, square flaps have the same qualities as Baronials as it also comes in many different styles, colors, and designs. You can get them easily because it is a common type anywhere.

Personalizing is one of the vestiges of square flaps. Many lovely couples find this type of envelope endearing because it can fit anything they create. It is a great size for nothing too small and too big. They can design any way they want. 

  • European Flap

A European flap has seven different sizes. Although it mostly borders with 4 ⅜ x 5 ¾ (A2) 4 x 5. With the variety, all of them are about brand makers. This type of envelope is produced simply by many companies around the world. 

You can get as many as twenty colors for the European flap. They range from the basic ones such as white, blue, orange to the most complicated as Chardonnay, Antique Ivory, Placid Blue, Storm Cloud, Antique Gold, and more. 

In addition to the colors, the envelopes also have five finishes. Get it as a felt, matte metallic, smooth, and cotton. All of them are extremely beautiful, so the choice lies in how they will pair on the main invitation. 

  • A1 Square Flap

If you need something nice but not expensive, get the A1 square flap. It has the size of 3 ⅝ x 5 ⅛ (A1) with 3 x 5 invitation sizes. 

Further, white is the most classic color for all standard wedding envelopes. It is the same with this type as well. This one is perfect for a cheaper option to house RSVP cards, announcement cards, and other invitation contents. 

You have many choices as well when it comes to this envelope again. Customization will always be present with a European flap, so you print anything on it such as your name or picture or any image. 

  • Straight Lined Flap

A straight-lined flap envelope is one of the most versatile types of its kind. You can get as many as seven sizes for it, so you will never run out of choices. To add, it also has several textures, colors, and finishes, which can add more drama to your wedding invitation.

There are eleven finish choices for this envelope. Pick a felt, matte, wove, tactile, linen, raw, smooth, sheer vellum, iridescent vellum, and wood grain. All of them are great looking so you will surely have a hard time choosing one. 

On the contrary, there are only three colors for a straight-lined flap. You can only select from black, white, and grey. Despite the limitation, you will never regret picking this one if you need something romantic and special for the wedding invitation. 

What are the other things to consider about invitation envelopes?

For the last piece of the lesson, we will give you more information about the right envelope. Here are what else you need to consider. 

  • Theme

The theme is a must at any wedding. This one is your anchor so everything will fit like a glove. Technically, you must think about it when you pick an envelope type as well. 

Let us have an example. A Rustic Vintage theme is one of the most popular nowadays, and it is what you also picked for your wedding. 

If you are going to have it, you must have an envelope which has a wood texture. Pick the straight-lined flap. 

  • Mailing 

The texture and the weight of the envelope play an important role when it comes to mailing. To say, this idea is a must well-decided one if you have many family members far from you. The two will be the make or break of how much it will cost an invitation to mail them.

Do not be hasty in picking a heavy paper envelope if you need to mail them far from you. It will cost more than a lighter weight so think and decide well.