7 Ways to DIY Simple Wedding Invitations for Your Special Day

Nothing comes close to the thrill of planning your wedding, from choosing your bridesmaids to selecting the perfect catering menu. It is admittedly nerve-wracking, but the promise of a blissful celebration is all worth the efforts. The anticipation towards your big day only multiplies in picking out the right theme of table cloths to bouquets with your future spouse. 

There’s plenty of room to highlight your personalities in your wedding preparations, and designing your wedding invitations is one of them. Whether you are looking for ways to personalize your wedding, or you want to show off your artistry, DIY simple wedding invitations is for you! Take out your craft tools, your scissors, glitter pens, stamps, and paint because you’re about to go all-in with these DIY techniques. 

Are you ready to put your art skills to work and step-up your wedding announcements? Here are seven ways to make your own elegant, simple wedding invitations:

Write your invitations with Calligraphy

Are you an old soul, or a romantic at heart? Calligraphy is a writing style that evokes refinement and charm. It is not just handwriting, because it is also art, which had existed hundreds of years ago. 

Writing on the invitations on your own is an easy way to add a personal touch to your invitations that will make your guests feel extra special. You don’t even have to write the whole invitation, just the guests’ names will do for simple wedding invitations with RSVP.

You can use nibs, fountain pens, or even brush pens that can be bought in your local art store. There are numerous guides online that can teach you basic Calligraphy and help you choose the best style. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hobby after this project!

Use Twine, Tags, or Ribbons

There are different ways to seal your envelope. One approach is to tie it with twine or ribbons. Twine comes in different colours, but brown is the most popular of them all—this colour pairs well for rustic and tropical themed weddings. 

Ribbons meanwhile, go well with most wedding invitations. It immediately adds a layer of sophistication on your invitation when paired with the right colour combinations. For an extra touch of personalization, craft tags can be added on your tie. Here, you can either write greetings, quotes, or your guest’s names if you don’t wish to put them at the back of the envelope.

Wax Seal

Another way to seal your envelope is to use wax. Wax seals are the epitome of romantic letters. These are easy to find in special craft stores, but you can also have them custom-made. You can choose between symbols, or better yet, the initials of you and soon-to-be husband or wife. As an optional seal, you can also have your own embosser or dry seal if you’re afraid of handling wax or messy seals.

Simple Wedding Invitations Wordings

Aside from embellishing your invitations with craft materials, a straightforward way to make it DIY is to write your announcements by heart. For simple wedding invitation wordings, you can write your own greetings or even your own poem in your main invitations card. Perhaps include a line or an anecdote that will remind your guests of you and/or your partner to make the letter more intimate and warm.

As in the previous number, you can opt to write the letters by hand from the greetings to the RSVP card. This can be easily achieved if you have a minimal guest list. It can be daunting as your guest list grows larger, but seeing your own handwriting on the letters is short of nothing but gorgeous.

Lining your envelope

If you’re looking for an easy way to add flair to your envelope, then line the edges with a coat of coloured spray. Depending on the envelope’s letter, choose between gold, silver, bronze, or any shiny spray paint. Cover the letter to leave at least only 1 to 2 cm of the edges exposed and spray. You can use a spare envelope, scrap construction paper, or masking tape as cover, but be careful not to smudge any of the paint.

Design the back of your envelope

After decorating your letter, tying it with ribbons and sealing your front envelope, it’s time to take care of the back of your envelope. Don’t leave it bare in contrast to the rest of your invitation. There are plenty of ways to fill this space up without over-decorating. 

You can use this part to write the name of your guests. This makes it easier to send them out without looking inside your envelopes. A crafty way to write the names is to treat the back like a postcard. 

Add a postage stamp too. This pairs well with rustic, brown papers, as well as travel-themed weddings. There are plenty of available stamps in your local post office and even your local crafts store. From birds to flora, you’re sure to find a lovely set of stamps to fit perfectly in your envelope.

Paint on your letters

You don’t have to be an artist, or even have much experience in the paint to try this method. Using watercolour, simply brush each card with a stroke or blotch of paint. You can use any number of colours, but one is enough to add a touch of texture to your letter.

For couples who want to apply more artistry, you can work with watercolour or gouache to paint images on your pre-printed announcements. These images can include symbols like doves, or sunsets, or any element that go with the theme of your wedding. Gouache is a good medium to work with since it can act as a watercolour, but with the opaqueness of acrylic. Just make sure to use hard pressed paper above 200 gsm when using water-based paint. 

Now get ready to visit the nearest craft store and prepare your DIY wedding invitations. There are more ways than these to polish your Simple wedding invitations. Use your instinct in designing, and be bold to try out new ideas. Have fun experimenting with these projects!