Best Ways on How to DIY Vellum Wedding Invitations

When the word wedding pops up, invitations always follow next to it. You can’t ever take out the other from one. 

If you are doing your early preparations for the wedding ceremony, this is the best time to think about vellum paper wedding invitations. Your announcement will unceasingly have the most influence on the event. Make the best out of it by getting the best kind of design and materials. 

Many couples opt to follow their taste nowadays when it comes to their announcement cards. Accordingly, personalizing it offers more freedom for them to achieve what they dream of from the start. 

Let us make you get into the trend as well. It is not too late to make your own DIY vellum wedding invitation today. For this one, one will offer you the most excellent ideas in this article. 

  • UV printing and vellum paper

UV printing paired with vellum paper is the newest trend in wedding invitations now. There are a lot of couples wanting it because of how nice and romantic it looks. You will never regret having this combination for your own. 

For more information, UV printing is the newest unique method of thermography digital inking. It uses the light to dry the ink or coatings on its base. Some artists use paper, acrylic, aluminum, and others for it. You can also choose to add multi-colors. 

If you find this project interesting, do not despair because you do not have your UV printing machine. There is a way to DIY this design and still get its appealing quality.

Browse on the web for invitation templates fit for the printing and vellum paper. Get them and begin creating your design. Do not forget the contents as well. 

Lastly, choose whether you will ask the shop to get materials for you or not. There are two kinds of vellums, so be careful about it too.  Ask for discounts if you can and set the deadline for claiming. 

  • Simple printing with a vellum wrap

This number is not going to be as costly as the first. Even without the printing shop, you can do everything. This one is truly a DIY project you can take any time for your wedding.

How to start the simple vellum wrap? Choose between a vellum finish paper, and translucent vellum paper initially. These two are the most recommended for vellum wedding invitation. 

When you are done choosing, set aside the paper and go back to the content. Think of all the details you want to include. 

Do not forget the main ones like the date, time, and locations. Include a map of the church and the reception if you must.

We can move forward with other things now after the materials and the contents. It is time for the design. 

Like what was stated above, there are several wedding invitation templates on the web today. Get some ideas from there. Instagram and Pinterest will be your best friends. 

Use Canva or Powerpoint if you do not have professional editing applications for the invitation design. These two are powerful yet simple to use for you to finalize the exact picture of your announcement card. 

After everything, it is the printing moment. You can use ordinary printer machines like what is used in offices and homes. However, do not expect high-quality outputs. 

Gather the final printouts and use cords or printed wraps to put everything together. 

  • Floral paper pattern overlay

In the above two numbers, we have introduced two ways of printing on vellum papers. You either use a professional or not machine. This time, it is about some more designs you can include before the presswork. Overlays are one of them.

Flowers are common at weddings. You will see them usually scattered in the location when it is time for the ceremony. However, you can use them beforehand as well. Put them on the vellum wedding invitation as an overlay. 

Overlay means putting something on top to add more visual impressions. It is a great way to add more elegance and style to any invitations. Notably, flowers and texts are usually used nowadays on this matter.

Have the vellum paper cover a hardcover as an overlay. In particular, you can save a lot in this way because thicker papers cost more. When you put the two together, you will have a lesser material cost. 

  • Seal stamp vellum paper invitation

Seal stamps are becoming more known this time. It is even creeping in the wedding invitation industry now where it is being well-loved for its romantic impression. 

Consequently, Vellum paper is well-rounded because it can accommodate anything on its surface. Seal stamp becomes prettier on it.

Use the two together and bring more romance to your wedding day. It is also a great move to personalize everything. You can ask a stamp artist to make your couple’s initials and utilize them all over the invitation. 

  • Gold foiled wedding invitations

Another technique you can have in the wedding invitation is gold foiling. This one is usually used in most of its kind, but it is prettier in a vellum paper. 

You can use the gold foiled vellum papers as an overlay or a standalone invitation. For the first, you can have your names inscribed with the unique foil. It will lay top the harder paper and make a more personalized look. 

For the second, you can send the vellum paper as either the main invitation or as a response card. We noted earlier that this paper is a great way to save money because it is a less expensive material. 

You can splurge on the vellum wedding invitation and send as many people as you want. Another thing, you can use them as souvenirs too. Add some personal messages to your guest attendees and print them on it. 

Let the warmth of the event shine through the paper even without the actual ceremony yet. These kinds of things are uncommon and you can start a trend with it, so grab the chance now.