Top Ways on How to DIY Your Wedding Invitations

The ideal wedding invitation is classy and brimming with romance. Wedding planners can provide hundreds of templates for cream and gold wedding cards, but nothing can replace DIY made wedding invitations.

The first impressions that can come to mind when you hear “DIY” are crafty and cheap. This guide is here to show you that DIY wedding invitations can be refined and elegant without the need for expensive materials. Even couples who haven’t touched art materials in years will breeze through with these easy to follow guides.

Origami Paper

There are plenty of specialty papers to be found in art supplies stores. For printing your main announcements, you will need a more rigid paper than bond paper like cardboard or construction paper. You can make any dull-looking envelope for your cover and transform it by hiding a paper liner inside.

Textured or scented paper for your wordings is best for the minimal approach. For a clean and elegant look, pair these with an envelope lined with origami paper. Origami papers can come in patterns that look posh. They can be lined with silver or gold, and they have various designs, from sakura blooms to peonies. This kind of paper also behaves the best for folding if you want to create interesting textures on the envelope.

Gild the edges

Are you a sucker for glam? Try gilding the edges of your letters with silver or gold. The contrasting effect it gives on white paper is perfect for an expensive look. You can also use this effect on the edges of your envelope.

For a bonus tip, using any DIY wedding invitation templates, have your local printing company engrave your invitation wordings in gold foil! Just imagine your guests see their names in gold. They’ll surely love taking pictures of your unique RSVP cards.

Style the letter edges

Besides coloring your edges, you can bring texture to your letters using notable punchers or stamp cutters. These come in different styles, but the most popular are patterned lace punchers. Style the edges of your notes to make each letter look delicate. Your guests will surely notice how carefully you’ve crafted each letter when they see this.

Another popular design is to get deckled edges. Your invitations will look like they came straight out of a storybook with this design. While you’re at it, why not use a typewriter to print out your wedding texts?

Dried Flowers

Have you been saving flowers from bouquets you received from your partner? Then here’s a lovely idea. Touch up your invitations using dried petals. This is not only easy, but it also gives quite the romantic vibes that old souls are sure to appreciate. If you haven’t dried flowers before, just place each fresh petal in between book pages or weighted paper and wait for them to dry up.

Use clear glue to paste each petal carefully. Make sure to use glue that is tough and clear when dry. Place them on brown kraft paper, or use them to seal your envelopes. Don’t forget to add dried leaves too!

Seal with Stamp or Wax

In the subject of sealing, there are more ways to polish your letters before sending them out. Why not customize your stamp? If you’re looking for a classier look, dry and wax seals are the way to go. Maroon and gold are luxurious colors that pair well with most envelopes. Use it on your seal flap or your ribbon’s knot.

Design your envelope’s seal flap with you and your future spouse’s names in no time with personalized stamps.  You can even make flower or animal prints using this technique. Try having your fur baby’s paw made into a symbol with your names written along the circle’s edge for fur parents. From here, you can add your wedding date and even your venue.

Enhance your Envelopes

One way to upgrade your envelopes is through laser cutting. This produces stencil-like patterns that allow the reader to see through your envelope. Double this with an outer translucent envelope to give the illusion of a luxurious curtain silhouette.

If you’re going for a clean and organized look, make your DIY envelope look like a pocket notebook. When your envelope opens, your letter should be open to two pages inside. Craft a little paper pocket on either page where you can neatly place your guests’ RSVP cards. After, finish your envelope with a string and button lock for extra suave points.


Say what’s important and do it with finesse using calligraphy. What says personalized more than writing your invitations under your handwriting? Numerous tutorials on the internet for raw calligraphy writing for a couples who are new to this writing style. There are wedding invitations DIY online specifically for announcement wordings.

Fountain pens and brush pens are the easiest to work with, for starters. For the more advanced, nibs give the classiest look for calligraphy techniques. It just takes a bit of practice, but you will fall in love with this writing style after some time with your pen.

Ribbons and Ropes

Add finishing touches by tying a ribbon or twine to seal your invitations. You can completely do away with envelopes wh this method too. Just remember to use stiff paper for your outer cards to avoid the invitation from getting crumpled or getting wet.

You can choose to write your guests’ names at the backside of your letter or insert a tag at the end of your knot. You can also play with paper cut-outs, book quotes, or folded hearts instead of titles if you want to take it a step further.

Arts and crafts aren’t just for photo albums. They can also be used to make the most elegant wedding invitations. Just follow any of these tips if you don’t know where to start your DIY wedding invitations. You and your partner will surely make memorable and heart-warming invitations that’ll keep your guests excited with you on the most memorable day of your lives.