20 Elegant Floral Wedding Invitations You Can Find Online

When we decide to have a wedding, it entails a lot of things from the preparation to the actual day of the ceremony. There is a talk about the food, the cake, venue, flowers, and more. 

The invitation is the most of all these stated preparations above. To say, it is what will get and see before the event itself. This one will set the overall mood.

To get you started with the invites, here are some excellent ideas to use on it. Let us talk about floral wedding invitations.

Silhouette Floral Wedding Invitations

There are many ways to incorporate florals in your wedding invitations. One of them is the use of silhouettes. These are increasingly popular nowadays because they look so classy and elegant. It is the best match for church weddings with a high-class theme. 

How to get a silhouette in your invitation? Place darker and lighter colours together and let the other overshadow the last. It will create a dramatic effect which will be a perfect balance for your guests to see. 

On the web, there is silhouette software you can try. There are also software engineers which you can ask for help. They can surely lend a hand on this matter, although get ready for some fee. 

Classic Floral Wedding Invitations

What does classic mean? It depicts it is all about the splash of whites and neutral colours defining sophisticated elegance. If you are planning for this kind of wedding theme, make sure to select your style inclusions carefully. 

When it comes to the invitations of the same style, there are floral wedding invitations online which you can use for inspirations. Let simplicity speak for you. 

Romance must show as well in the cards. It makes something stand out over time, and it is nicer if your guests will experience it even before the ceremony itself. Make it possible with the invitations.

Solid Color Floral Wedding Invitations

Weddings are sacred for almost all people. With this idea, they can’t also help but be creative about expressing it. The more unique it is, the better for them. This one is where funky wedding themes are born. 

Funky themes often use solid neons. They have lots of greens, yellows, reds, blues, and violets. If you opt for the same theme, make sure that these colours will also show beforehand in your invitations. 

The preamble will set the mood. It will primarily help in selecting the expectation of both the guests and the bride-groom. 

Rustic Floral Wedding Invitations

Some people supposedly mistake Boho theme to Rustic theme often. Do not let this happen to your wedding preparations. When you use the latter one, there must be strong use of the organic shapes and textures to show a clear difference. 

You can do the same in your rustic floral wedding invitations templates—place flowers with wood, laces, and hessian fabrics. The foliage must be noted country ones so it will be more authentic. 

For sure, the guest will love and enjoy immensely these new take on wedding invitations. It will go well with a barn wedding. 

Modern Floral Wedding Invitations

At recent times, modern as a word is heavily used everywhere. There are “modern clothes,” “modern jewellery,” “modern furniture,” and more. Even weddings have them now. 

For your modern wedding, use it as a theme as well. Begin with an invitation. Create an invite which has touches of contemporary time. There may be a lot of things that you can do with it. 

Have the flowers in the middle or scattered in the invitations. Use different colors from white to much colorful ones. You can choose reds, pinks, or other colors. You may also mix and max it with other images to fully get a strong modern theme. 

Watercolour Floral Wedding Invitations

Do you think that watercolor can be an amazing inclusion in any invitations? Make your dream. I will do the ceremony with it today. Have your guests imagine what your wedding day will be using the images you can form from the coloring material. 

Water splashes, water washes, underpainting, layering techniques and back washes are just some of what you can do with watercolour. These depict how the colors will play in the invitation papers. 

Sponge painting, Splattering painting, and Stippling painting may also be incorporated. Choose a strong paper if you will use these designs. Sometimes, the paper affects the result so be cautious on it. 

Black and White Floral Wedding Invitations

Elegance is synonymous to black and white today. Hence, take advantage of its beauty. Employ the best arc, shapes, and outlines of flowers in here. 

Ahead of time, pick a theme aside from the black and white one. You may have all roses or all daisies if you want. These will make the occasion more expressive and more special. 

You may also opt for the guests to wear the same colors and have an ultimate black and white party. It will surely be an event you will never forget. It’s going to be a day of sophistication. 

Lace Floral Wedding Invitations

Have you ever thought of engraving flowers in laces? Yes, it is ultimately possible! This one is a pretty idea to use in floral wedding invitations. 

You may have any kind of fabrics or materials when doing the lace floral wedding invitations. Notably, paper is a nice object which can also be environment friendly. It is also easy to find if you won’t have any problems getting them if you need bulk. 

If you do not have any idea how to do the lace design, there are a lot of online templates and inspirations. Go to some of them. You will see there which among the examples would fit your need. 

Aside from the lace itself, you may add more embellishments to make it more special. A ribbon is a nice touch. Wrap it in the whole page or in the smaller part of the pages.