Euro Flap Envelope Samples You Would Want To Have

Envelopes do not only come in different artistic designs and signature colors, they also come in different shapes. Among the variety of selections, the contour flap or also known as the Euro flap envelope is the most luxurious. If you are deciding which is best for your invitation card, this envelope stands out the best.

The most notable feature of a Euro flap is its deep triangular flap that almost kisses the bottom of the envelope. It has a smooth curve, just enough detail to emphasize the tip. The envelope size comes in standard so every regular invitation card would fit inside. Considering that you choose a Euro flap envelope, below are some samples you might want to recreate as your own.

Daylight Theme Euro Flap

This Euro flap envelope template usually comprises pastel colors primarily of sky blue, baby pink, sunlight hues of yellow and orange. It is the envelope that shares the feels of morning freshness. Once you are looking at this envelope, you are easily captivated by the aesthetic colors.

Additionally, the design on this envelope could be anything under the sun as long as it represents the daylight. It could be a sunrise or outdoor scenery. The important thing is to be creative enough, so, you can effectively deliver the morning vibes. Just be sure to make use of the spaces wisely.

Striped Lines Euro Flap

If you are looking for a simple design yet still pleasing in the eyes, a striped line Euro flap envelope could be the one for you. With the simplicity of combining two of your favorite colors, your envelope could match any theme of the occasion. It could black and white, blue, and red, or even silver and gold.

The colors you will choose will cover the totality of your Euro flap, better choose what your heart wants. Also, this style is good at showing uniformity. It is formal, to say the least. If you want to add a twist to the design, try embedding an elegant wax seal on the tip of the flap.

Northern Lights Euro Flap

If you happen to be a big fan of the aurora borealis, or maybe the beautiful hues the sky gives off at night, this is best for you. The hues would include a palette of vibrant blues, greens, violets, yellows, and pinks. With the sky, stars, and northern lights painted all together on your envelope, the feeling is celestial.

In an A7 Euro flap envelope, this kind of representation of nature’s masterpiece is just extra special. In doing so, you must pay attention to every detail. Each piece should be exactly in the place it should be. This design requires patience. You cannot go wrong in capturing the overall scenery.

Tracing Paper Planes Euro Flap

If you want a playful design that goes for every age, this is for you. Paper planes printed around your envelope could symbolize a lot of things. It could mean moving to another country, soaring high to reach your dreams or just a plain representation of your fascination for airplanes. Nevertheless, this design appeals to everyone with its simplicity.

This envelope could be in black and white. The white can be the background and the planes may be drawn in black. Be creative as much as you can. You can make use of different shapes for tracing the lines of the planes, a heart or a star will do. The goal is for it to look presentable, but not too fancy and elegant.

Ruby Red Roses Euro Flap

This design will definitely deliver you the taste of classics. The Euro flap envelope mostly comprises the color red. It gives the romantic vibe that everyone would adore. The feeling of falling in love, and loving someone is felt through this envelope. Especially if it features roses that are realistic when looked at.

You can opt to add more designs, such as diamonds and shimmering gemstones that would accompany the roses. It makes the overall design more luxurious. One more thing, even if you do not spend too much on your envelope, the design itself would make it look expensive.

Book Pages Print Euro Flap

This Euro flap envelope template is made of nothing but book pages. This encompasses random printed pages of a book. The design is weird, but is attractive to the eyes, especially if you are a book lover. However, if you do not want to use book pages, you can always opt for newspaper pages to print. It is almost the same.

In this design, you can also choose to print the pages on a separate paper, or just recycle old newspapers and books that are not useful to you anymore. You can transform them into unique Euro flap envelopes and save a lot of money. However, be sure you have enough time to spare if you decide to do it on your own.

Oakwood Grain Euro Flap

This Euro flap envelope takes on the style of the wood grain. It is mostly rustic in nature. If you love the outdoors and admire the woods from afar, you could make use of this design. This envelope would have a color palette that would make the entire design realistic in every inch.

The palette could include browns, the natural color of wood, or maybe other colors that are used often in painting it such as green and blue. The important thing is it successfully delivers a design that is not too much, but just right. Make use of an A7 Euro flap envelope for a better outcome.

Gingham Style Euro Flap

If you are looking for a simple design, but you feel like stripes are not enough, try using gingham for a new look. Like striped, it features two-color combinations of your choice. The lines are what make stripes, and gingham different. Gingham is more detailed and sophisticated.

This Euro flap design could also match with every theme on any occasion. You just have to be wise in choosing the colors. Gingham styles usually involve one lighter color and the other is a darker shade. It is important to choose two colors that would compliment each other perfectly.