Types of Lace Wedding Invitation Designs

Lace is a delicate material perfect for anything. It is made of threads which are made into weblike patterns. Of course, it can’t be made solely with hands, so a machine helps with it. There are many kinds of laces such as cotton thread, linen thread and silk threads today. 

Lace and patterns wedding invitations are accordingly storming the world today. With all the choices above, there is no shortage of options for all brides and grooms. 

If you are looking for a creative design to add on your beautiful day, grab this chance. Try putting on some laces on your wedding. Let us begin with the invitations! Here are some of the best types for you to check out. 

Lace Wedding Invitation Designs

Rustic Lace Wedding Invitations and Wedding Ideas

Who would ever thought that wood and laces could go well together? To say, it is what will happen if you will have a rustic lace wedding theme. The femininity of laces counteract the masculinity of the other which makes the two a perfect match. 

Rustic lace wedding invitations are going to be your first part of preparation. Ask immediately your wedding coordinator who you can achieve perfection starting from. 

Reliable Colored Lace Wedding Invitations and Wedding Ideas

If you want to add more spice in the wedding, use solid colors and give more impact. It is going to be fine if you will only stick to either pink, white, red, purple, or even neon green! This idea is popular now so it is going to be fine.

Red is currently the most popular choice in weddings today. Even in other vendors, the color is also incorporated such as in cakes, venues, flowers, and even wedding dresses. Do the same although make sure the center is on the invitation itself.

The solid colored lace will help a lot in achieving your dream result. Its major advantage is its transparent and lightweight so any color will blend well with it. 

Vintage Lace Wedding Invitations and Wedding Ideas

If we had rustic lace above, we have vintage lace this time. What is the difference? It is all about the use of other materials and the design itself. 

There are many types of vintage laces which you can use in the wedding invitation. These are commonly twisted or braided into one as part of many pieces. These are going to be attached on anything that may symbolize the vintage aspect of the ceremony. 

You can use any color of laces as long as it will fit on the main theme of the ceremony. If you can’t choose a color then go for its kinds. There are also notable differences among them.

Vintage would go well with Alencon Laces, its needlepoints are usually flowery on sheer background. Guipure Lace is another one. It is a bit stiff and it does not have any net at the back. 

Lastly, the embroidered laces is also a jackpot for vintage vibes. These are what we commonly see in wedding dresses. Get these and put them on your invitations.

Black and White Lace Wedding Invitations and Wedding Ideas

Black and white is the new color theme of the year. Many couples have opted for this theme and they never regretted having a cool and unique one. If you want the same thing then go for it. Some might say that it is a recommendable color and you should stick with the latter. DO not mind them.

Shock the world starting with your wedding invite. Show your guest attendees how the union celebration will be done! Let them feel the vibe of uniqueness in the invitation.

Simple Lace Wedding Invitations and Wedding Ideas

Lace is a beautiful fabric. It has been loved since the early times because of its dainty features. It is so feminine and unique. Some prefer it on their clothes which they even incorporate in their homes. It is definitely on the top of the most favorite fabrics in the world.

Simple laces are also fresh because the most common are the stated above kinds. Although many do not see the sweetness of the simpler ones. They have the allure of diversity and sexiness absent in others. 

Lace wedding invitations are going to be a hit sooner so it is the right time to try it yourself now. 

Elegant Lace Wedding Invitations and Wedding Ideas

Some prefer becoming extra when it comes to the special events in their lives. It is all the same when it comes to weddings. As they say, it only comes once in a lifetime so make it as extraordinary as possible.

With extraordinary comes elegance and stylishness, these are the most beautiful words you can use if you want a classic wedding. What do you need here? Put in luxurious elements and drown the people with lavish beauty.

These kinds of weddings are often noted in popular people. Accordingly, it will all start with the wedding invitation. If you are a fan of the said couples, you can have the same things. 

On the contrary, you only need to watch out for the cost. Elegance means expensive. Your invitations will be the same. However, you can still save if you know how to do well. 


In the end, there is nothing more beautiful than your blissful union with your special someone. It is going to be a moment to remember despite anything as long as your wedding will proceed. 

Choose well when it comes to your wedding theme. It will be the make it or break it of the wedding day. From here, decide what goes with your wedding invitation. Do not forget that it will be the first thing your guest will see. 

Make the invitation as elegant or perfect as you need. Set the mood right and all things will follow. Get help if you must in choosing which will fit best to your main wedding theme. Professional coordinators are just around the corner to get one if you have to.