How to Make Laser Cut Envelopes

Are you looking for a perfect wedding invitation envelope? You have probably whipped the internet lately to find a great one and came across the laser cut ones. You are in the right place for it here. 

We will talk about the latest innovation in replacing the old and rustic invitation from the past. Notably, we will make you go away with the off white ones that have been your grandmothers’ and mother’s style. 

Break the norm and bring something new to the table. Let us talk about the laser cut envelopes for a more romantic and better wedding invitation envelope choice today.

What is a Laser Cut Envelopes ?

According to, laser cut wedding invitations are the best kind to show something in envelope designs. You do not need to rely on the invitation itself to be nice looking, but you can ultimately achieve it along with its cover protection too. 

Laser-cut is achieved through a machine, which helps in getting your desired design from the computer to the paper. It is the one which will make everything materialize from what you have decided to produce. 

You can make anything under the sun doing laser cutting. In particular, it is also effective for any paper, so it is the best choice. Laser cutting offers details like no other with the delicateness you need in every wedding. With the two, romance is surely on the air. 

To give you more ideas, here are the step by step instructions on how to make laser-cut envelopes 5×7. Read each one now!

  • Find some inspirations on the web

The internet is the best place to find anything you want from incredible ideas to actual products or services you need. For this article, we are opting for the first useful pieces of information for your laser cut invitations.

There are so many websites you can visit for design ideas. Accordingly, you can go first to Pinterest, which is the hub of anything today. Go next to Instagram, which is another home for several designs. There are still other sites you can visit after them. 

When you find what you like from fancy laser cuts down to the most elegant ones, keep them and try to select more. 

  • Pick and download your choice

Are you done choosing? If you are, then we will talk about what you must do with them. You should have about five or more designs of your choice and all of them must have a slightly similar taste. 

If you will have extreme gaps between your designs, it will be hard to choose, so keep each of them in similar groups. All must be laser cut designs. 

It is time to download the last choices to decide for the ultimate inspiration. Get what you think will fit everything in the wedding. Do not only think about the current time, but how will it give the whole vibe of the event. 

  • Get the wordings done

When you design in your mind, get down with the content. What do you want to put on the main invitation and the envelopes? Notably, couples can also put something outside now. This one is far from what was done before. 

Put your name and your recipient names in the envelope while all the necessary details in the main invitation. The latter should be the repetition of the bride and groom’s names. Then, the date and time of the wedding along with the locations. 

Some couples opt to add more information like the bridesmaid, guest of honors, and even the menu sometimes! Although please consider your laser cut envelope template before deciding these things. It might not contain everything. 

  • Decide on a designer or not

We are at one of the most important parts of the laser cut envelope ideas part. Although we have done well in the first three steps, we can’t go away with this number. We must decide whether to consult an invitation designer or not.


To say, it is a little expensive to get a wedding invitation designer today. These people are professional, so they can assure you of the best quality, yet it is all about the price.

If you will not get an invitation designer, it is incredibly fine! There are many ways to still achieve a laser cut wedding invitation envelope. You will not suffer any loss. However, be prepared for slight difficulties. 

  • Finalize everything

Getting an invitation designer is easier for couples to get the best out of their announcement cards. It is the same with you if you will consider it although like what said above, it comes with a price tag. 

In case you settle for it, you can have them check your choices and sit down whether they can still do something for your wedding invitation. They will surely have something more to suggest.

They can say how the content and the decision will fit on the whole page. It is simple, not simply because you need to consider the laser cut envelope. 

For the last, it is not getting a wedding invitation designer. What can you do? Go with your numbers one to three and find a printing shop that has a laser-cut service. 

There are many places now that offer laser cutting services. However, not all of them offer the same quality and price. When you find a place, do not immediately go for it. Try to see others and compare.

What will you compare? Of course, it is about the prices. Ask for bulk discounts if they have. This one will help you lessen the expense of having a laser cut envelope. 


Weddings can only happen once in a lifetime for most people. It is a sacred event that should be perfect from the get-go. Every detail deserves a quick look back to ensure excellence.

A simple envelope holds a small but big role in the event. You might say that it is only a paper to protect the main invitation, but it is part of it which will set the whole mood. 

Make sure to get the best of it with laser-cut envelopes. Use the explanations above to help you decide well.