Luxury Wedding Invitation Templates for Your Extravagant Wedding

As one of the most significant events in your lifetime, being married to your significant other requires as much effort to prepare it as to exchange “I Do” s. One of the many items you would have to make is the wedding invitations. As there are so many kinds available, let’s check out luxury wedding invitations that may fit in your wedding.

Briana Gatefold Wedding Invitation by Boxed Wedding Invitations

If you’re thinking about getting one of the many luxury boxed wedding invitations, you can get this design on Boxed Wedding Invitations. It makes use of a 7-inch by 7-inch box to give your guests the invitation, RSVP, and reception cards inside. 

You can add a favor tag, a printed return address, and a thank you card too. There are three colors available, and you can choose a custom color for the outer silk ribbon on the box. Finally, the package is topped with a fabulous jeweled brooch.  

Sheena and Ian Bespoke Wedding Invitation by Cutture

As one of the many elegant luxury wedding invitation available, this Cutture set is excellent if you want your guests to give your wedding a Cinderella-like feel. What makes this lovely is the use of embossed foil and a laser-cut illustration inside the box. 

When your guests receive this, they will feel like they have been given a present to attend such a lovely, intimate event from a loved one. Not only that, but you can ask them to change specific details once you have it ordered!

Ellington by Atelier Isabey

Want to go back in time? You can by getting this set from the Atelier Isabey in New York City! You can get a black, white, and gold themed set from the get-go, including a printed return address, an RSVP card, and a reception card aside from the invitation and envelope. It makes use of a mesmerizing geometric pattern on each card that makes you look like you’re heading to a high-class wedding in the 1930s. This will be sure to impress your guests.

Ariana by Ceci New York

If you’re looking for a classic color scheme for your elegant wedding, you can check out this design by Ceci New York! The original layout includes black font paired with gold calligraphy on white cotton paper. You can then pair it with its envelope with the same color scheme. What’s great about this is that you can change the font’s color to the color of the paper itself. You are also allowed to pair it with an envelope under the same collection as well.

Najjar and Kabeer by Vinas Invitation

This Indonesian-based crafts company presents one of their acrylic collections as a great addition to a luxurious wedding. The plain white box opens to a leaf-lined inner with the invitation printed on acrylic. 

The couple’s nicknames are written in an elegant script alongside the date on top of the box. Meanwhile, the invitation itself uses a white font to write down the wedding’s details with the couple’s full names in a golden cursive.

Kelly by Little Black Dress Paperie

If you’re a fan of designs that make use of black, then this product by the Little Black Dress Paperie is for you! It makes use of metallic thermography to blend in gold details in black paper. 

The invitation itself can include an illustration of the city or wedding destination at the back, followed by the information on the front. For the rest of the suite, a simple font in gold is paired with a golden script while complimenting the rest of the embellishments sprinkled in.

Moon Wedding Stationery by SuzanneOddyDesign

This Etsy design is enchanting enough to make your guests stunned by the invitation alone. The box itself is made of brown paper and reveals a 3D-layered night landscape with its contents. 

They use the same brown paper shade with hints of blue, white, and yellow paired with a simple font. Anyone who comes across this will feel attracted to the stars’ beauty and the night show. It includes a starry background and white lanterns.

Versailles by Embellishments

Nothing says luxury than gemstones, and you can add this to your invitations by getting this design. The color scheme used in this is white and silver to complement one of the more unique additions to a wedding invitation: a sparkling, exact gemstone above the silver text. It makes the written initials underneath look bigger. It is paired with a decorated envelope and tucked into a box topped with a bit of lace.

Rose Gold Luxury Wedding Invitation by Margo&Bees

If floral designs are your thing, then this Margo&Bees product is for you! It pairs gold and pink to bring you a complete suite with its envelope and cover. The invitation makes use of a plain pink paper etched with gold font and patterns that make the event seem more of an intimate celebration. Its envelope has a white inner embellished with a gold floral design. Finally, the cover uses a white vellum paper with a gold floral design and a wax seal of your choice.

White Pearl Wedding Invitation by Lucky Invitations

Aside from adding gemstones to your wedding invitation, you can also have pearls made. This Lucky Invitations design is excellent if you prefer that. When you open the box, you will see the invitation written clearly on a white card while the RSVP card is tucked into a pocket held securely by a pearl chain. The color scheme used helps make the pearls fit in with the rest of the items inside.

Initial Hard Cover Wedding Invitation by WhiteInvitations

Nothing says luxurious than using a hardcover with a sizeable shiny clasp. Said clasp is made of acrylic, and you can choose from five other options aside from gold for the color. The invitation, schedule, and reception cards are glued inside and can be seen once you unfold the card cover. 

Each card has a gold border paired with an elegant script and font. Due to its durability, your guests will indeed have a keepsake of one of the most significant events in their life that they attended.

Victoriana Baroque Wedding Invitation Suite by RivertownPressPaperi

For a unique twist of elegance, you can opt for a letterpress design for your wedding invitation. This RivertownPressPaperi is a set that includes the response card and envelope with the invitation. 

If you want the rest of your wedding cards done in the same way, you can also get these as an add-on and even include a custom monogram and wax sealing. With its embellishments and beautiful calligraphy, I’m sure your guests will feel like they’re turning the time before they attend your special day.

Pink and Purple Floral Wedding Invitation by Elegant Wedding Invites

This is an elegant set made by Elegant Luxury Wedding Invitation that includes its envelope, invitation card, and response card. The envelope itself uses a laser-cut embellishment where both the invitation and response are tucked in safely. 

Both cards have lovely illustrations of roses around the corners that complement the elegant cursive inside. Finally, these are brought together with a ribbon with the couple’s name and wedding date between two pink roses.

Ivory Delight Wedding Invitation by DabbleInDesign

DabbleInDesign thought of this simple yet elegant invitation for old-fashioned luxury wedding themes. It makes use of lace and pearls at the front to draw your guests’ eyes towards it. 

Aside from that, you and your significant other’s name and the wedding date is written on the front using a simple font that is complementary to the rest of the design. If you want to use this invitation as a base and change up a few details here and there, you can do so by contacting them directly through their website.

Imprinted Scroll Wedding Invitation with an Embossed Box by WhiteInvitations

Nothing says old-fashioned by giving your guests their wedding invitation through a scroll! The classic gold and white is used beautifully, from the embossed patterns to the elegant script. You can also get matching cards such as RSVP, and thank you if you pick this set up. As WhiteInvitations made this, you can also customize the foil color, font, and wording for your guests’ unique present.


Take note that these are only some of the many options available. Whether you want gemstones or foil-embossed designs, there are many luxury wedding invitation online that cater to your needs and wants. Make sure to have a portion of your wedding funds allocated for reprints, shipping, and test prints to ensure that they’ll turn out well and on time for your guests to receive and reply appropriately.