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Things You Need to Know About Modern Wedding Announcements

Weddings are a must announced celebration! If you are getting married soon, everyone should know about it. Your fantastic friends and family members will be excited for you. You have a lot of things to tell them. 

Modern wedding announcements  are the trend in announcing fantastic news today. Countless couples have used it since before. This time, it is your moment to do the same and get the best results too. 

Here, we will help you with the most excellent tips and tricks on wedding announcements. Read the whole article and make sure not to miss out on anything. Let us get it on!

What are wedding announcements? 

Individual modern vintage wedding invitations, let us face this reality. It is more costly if you have a lot of family members, especially distant ones. Instead of sending them each, make the wedding announcements.

This kind of trend is done via newspapers or any mass communication channel. There are newspaper and internet card types. You can choose between the two which you are going to use. 

Both types are beneficial, so there is not much difference. However, the newspaper might be a little outdated. People are so much into the web now. 

Modern Wedding Announcements 101

  • What should a modern wedding announcement contain?

Similar to any event invitations, there must be something in it. The people who will receive need certain pieces of information to get the details of the wedding. 

The necessary information is the names of the couple who will get married. Sometimes, ages and hometowns are also put. The parents’ names, residence, and work are included too. 

The wedding’s date, time, and venue are the main entry of the information. By the way, do not forget the reception’s location as well. All of these will help the guest attendees to know where to go and others. 

If you want, you may opt to include the names of bridesmaids and groomsmen too, and it will help them get ready early for the event. 

  • Who should receive a modern wedding announcement?

The modern wedding announcement aims to call the attention of the people. Whoever you want to go to the event should receive it. 

The New York Times is one of the great examples of a newspaper that many people have used in making announcements of the event. They entertain anything from birthdays down to weddings. 

You can try to do the same here for your ceremony. Your family members living in the area will indeed read it because it has broad interaction with its people. 

If your family members live outside of the area, you should try the internet card. This one is sent through either email or any social media platform. 

With the ecard, you can ultimately personalize who will only receive it. You can even get an RSVP to know if they will come or not.

  • Where should we put on a modern wedding announcement?

We have talked a lot about wedding announcements already. Technically, there are two channels that you can use to send it. These are the local newspaper and through the internet. 

The power of technology is incorporated in us anywhere we go and what we do nowadays. Both the newspaper and the internet are born from it. Whether you use any of the two, they have huge benefits. 

Choose wisely when it comes to the two. Look at the transmission of information. Where are you going to benefit more? If budget is a concern, more careful consideration is highly needed. 

Most local newspapers accept a commission with a minimal fee. You can try it if your family members live nearby. On the contrary, the ecards might also prove to be less expensive than it. You only need to have a template then send it through your accounts. 

  • When should we release a modern wedding announcement?

If you are set with the announcement template and the mode of transmission, it is time to think about the date and time you need to release it. 

Newspaper announcements will have a different timeline with ecards. You should submit it three to six weeks ahead of time so the local news line may plan it well. Opt to get the news to reach your guests one to two weeks before the wedding ceremony. It will help them prepare better. 

You can send it anytime and anywhere for the ecards as long as you have a stable internet connection. The schedule will entirely depend on you. On the same note, make sure to allow in-betweens for the guests to adjust their timetables. 

  • How should a modern wedding announcement look?

Your modern wedding announcement is the same as your printed invitation. Its difference is only on the medium that it is sent. If you wonder how it will look, you can use the same template as the printed copy.

The same templates will help you lessen the time and effort to make another one again. However, you can also insist on doing something new. Accordingly, newspapers might need lesser wordings because of space issues. 

For the ecards, you can choose to keep the original template or again make another one. The latter could be simpler or much extravagant. If I were you, I would opt for the latter. The card does not need any printing, so you can create any image you want. 

  • Why do we need a modern wedding announcement?

A wedding only happens once in a person’s life. You can repeat the vows every time you like, but the ceremony will never have the same things. Hence, it must be celebrated well with the best people around you.

Modern announcements are a less costly way of inviting and notifying your guest attendees. It is a smart move if you need to crosscut the expenses of the event. Notably, it is highly effective too. 

Several couples did the same many times. They never regretted doing it, so grab the chance now.