Nature-Inspired Wedding Invitation Designs You Should Try

Did you recently get engaged, and you are planning the wedding now? You are probably thinking of lovely nature wedding invitations. It is what couples commonly decide about before anything else in the preparation of the ceremony.

We will help you with the most popular nature styled invites. Get the best pieces of information here and be inspired today. There are a lot of trends which you can use on your own.

Let us make your dream wedding come true and have it as the most memorable event ever. Defeat the notion of invitations as what and where cards only. Accordingly, it is a keepsake we need to focus on. 

Popular Types of Nature Wedding Invitation Design to Get You Inspired

  • Personalized wedding invitations

When it comes to wedding invitations, there are a lot of things you can do. It is the most flexible part of the ceremony, which you can play around with. Customizing and personalizing it are the keys.

Think first about a perfect theme that will fit your entire wedding entourage. It must be in line with your other vendors, such as the venue, the flowers, the food, the dress, and all. 

What kind of nature will you include? Is it about the skies, the beach, the florals, and all? An example is a barn-type nature style. Fill it with the beauty of the countryside.  It is a classic design with traditional elements. 

You can add these things to your invitation cards. Put the background of the barn and incorporate its colors. It is undoubtedly going to be perfect afterward. 

  • Scenic nature wedding invitations

There are so many beautiful sceneries in the world today. The Boracay, Grand Canyon, Cliffs of Moher, Denali National Park, The Great Barrier Reef, and others are some of them. 

All of the following scenes can be put in your wedding invitation. These are going to be an excellent background on the leaves of papers. 

Some romantic couples usually have these design samples when they have an excellent venue. The exact place will be the background, so it is very personal. Notably, it is also lovely marketing of a beautiful location. 

  • Whimsical nature wedding invitations

A whimsical wedding depicts fascinating bizarre things with bold colors and non-traditional embellishments. In particular, the enchanted forest themed wedding invitations are an example of it. 

When you use it in the actual ceremony, your venue will look like a fairy place with lots of hanging fairy lights and woody designs. How about in the invitation card? You can also do the same.

Create images showing a magical place where fairies could live. Use colors related to it. Green, brown, yellow, pink, and more are perfect choices. Open a world of wonder to your guest attendees. 

  • Floral nature wedding invitations

Flowers are part of nature too. If you are in love with these beauties, why don’t you include them in the invitations as well? There are different flowers which will fit your style.

If you are the romantic type, embellish your card with lots and lots of roses. You can even use a scented paper to engage your family and friends in the design. 

Sunflowers, daisies, and others are also excellent ideas. More so, do not be limited to one flower species. You can use any of them as long as it is going to be pleasing to the eyes.

To top it all, create something that will resonate with the entire wedding. The invitation is your extension to the guests; it must have the same effects as the actual ceremony itself.

  • Rustic nature inspired wedding invitations

We all have our dream wedding day. Since you were a child, you might be thinking about it already. Technically, fairy tale ones are the most popular, although you can break out from these today. Try the rustic nature.

Start with the ceremony’s invitation. Rustic means natural that transcends over time. Let your guests feel the same thing with the card. 

The woodsy wedding invitations can be designed using wood texture in any color as the background. Then, put vintage style swirls as additional outlines. You may add flowers and leaves if you need to. 

  • Modern nature wedding invitations

Modernity is the present. With this idea, you can make anything bold down to the most traditional. It does not entail an example box where you are limited to produce simple things. It is the idea of modern designs. 

In nature style wedding invitations, modern themes are popular now. These are not only about the inclusion of plants, flowers, sceneries, and more in the paper. It is all about how your guest can ultimately experience them.  

  • Fall-inspired nature wedding invitations

Fall weddings are getting more popular as days pass by. If I am probably going to be a bride as well, I might also consider this time. There is so much to love about this season.

The beauty of fall is all about its stunning leaves, mouth-watering flavors, jewel-tone colors, and more. You can use these things for your wedding invitations too. Make it as ultimately attractive as possible. 

Falling leaves are the main reason why the season is known as one. It is the time when plants are starting to outgrow their old self to welcome a new beginning. Weddings are the same thing.

Show your family and friends how beautiful the season is for your new journey. The stunning orange, red, and woody colors are going to be nice backgrounds. Pair it with its other signatures, such as the pumpkins and more. 


Wedding invitations must not be as dull as it was before. Include nature and create more incredible memories with the people in your life. Do not limit yourself to traditional designs. 

Create a beautiful invite that will show your love through a delightful keepsake. It is not only about your dream wedding but everything about it. The whole ceremony is not on the actual day alone but even the day of the preparation.