How to Make Personalized Wedding Invitations

Wedding season is once again around the corner. After the romantic proposal event, you will not want it to be the end. Level up your relationship with a grand celebration of the union to be attended by your loved-ones. 

Speaking about the attendees, there is something you must finish so everyone will know about the important event. It is the personalised wedding invitations. These will create your first impression so make sure to create something extraordinary.

Let us help you with this article today. We have gathered the most useful pieces of information on personalizing an invitation to your heart’s content. You do not need to worry about it. Here are some of them. 

  • Find an inspiration

There are so many personalized wedding invitations online templates today. Hence, it is also easy to find some inspirations for your own ceremony invite. You do not need to rack your mind to think about everything.

Head to Pinterest, Instagram, and other websites for the templates. What are you going to do with them? Browse and let your eyes feast with the best. When you see something ultimately interesting, download them and proceed to the second number.

  • Explore themes, designs, and styles

You have collected some nice inspirations now. After that are the designs, styles, and themes. These three are the main elements that will set your wedding invitation apart from the rest of the others your attendees received in the past. 

The theme should be the first thing in your mind. If you have not heard about it then it is the anchoring idea of the whole thing. Your wedding and the invitation must have the same thing as a vintage elegant or modern classic. 

The design and style are the next. In some instances, these two are used interchangeably although they are not actually the same. The first is all about the basic layout visual then the second is the overall fusion. There must be harmonies on all of the three.

To give you more ideas, here are some examples of the design, theme, and styles. 

  1. Laser Cut Rose Blush Pocket Wedding Invitation
  2. Letterpress Floral Wedding Invitation
  3. Gold Fold Rustic Wedding Invitation
  4. Flat Beach Wedding Invitation

The examples above might already be one of your choices from number 1. If you do not have them then you probably have some other choices in mind. It is okay as long as you have ideas about the design, theme, and style already. 

Make the last decision now for what you will choose among them all. 

  • Decide on images and embellishments

Selecting the three main components in wedding invitations is tricky. It is going to be the make or break of everything. However, there are still other elements that we need to look into. These are the supplemental designs. 

Images will help a lot in personalizing your wedding card. A simple photo of the bride and the groom will give a huge influence. In other layouts, couples choose their venue as the background. It is another way to customize. 

In addition, Some borders and others will also do wonders too. Make certain that all of the elements are in harmony. 

  • Find the best typography

When all the things from number one to three are finalized, make way for the typography. This one is a good part of personalization too. 

You will see a lot of examples on the different websites for wedding invitations. Try to see some inspirations from them too on what typography you will use. 

To give you some ideas, here are some of the best. All of these give romantic vibes and they will fit any kind of theme and style. 

  1. Coneria Script
  2. Baroque Script
  3. Freebooter Script
  4. Great Vibes
  5. Alex Brush

Choose the good contents

On another note, there are also things about the content aside from the where, what, where, and others of the wedding. These are the extra cards which are the RSVP, dress code, direction, and more.

The noted cards are going to be helpful to lessen the problems in the main ceremony. Notably, the direction will give the guest attendees knowledge on where exactly the wedding will happen. 

Then, the RSVP is the new trend now. It is a return card which will tell whether your guests will surely come or not. The numbers will aid you in determining more details on the event such as food, venue, and others. 

  • Create the perfect wordings

Personalizing the wedding invitation is definitely a huge task. It is a feat that makes other couples choose predetermined templates. However, it is still noteworthy to craft all things from your perspective. 

The invitation’s wordings are other things you should carefully decide on. These things are related to number five. 

A wedding invitation’s contents vary from one to another due to what cards are going to be used. Although this number speaks more about the usual ones. These are the date, time, location, entourage, and other important details of the wedding. 

  • Mix and match with envelopes and sealers

The last thing is the sealing type and the envelope. How do you want to send the wedding invitation? This number is all about it. 

There are a lot of ways to send the invites now. Some techie couples even prefer to do it online where everything is digital from the paper down to its envelopes. You might select this convenient way too, however, you won’t get any physical memories. 

Printing is another way to do it and this one will give you more reason to choose the perfect envelope. Always remember to harmonize everything. If you will get a metallic invitation paper then you can pick a vellum type or other.

More so, there are several designs for envelopes and sealers too. Laser cutting is one of them which you can simply tie its flaps together. 

Important Takeaways 

Your wedding is your choice. Be anything you want, if you need to be intimate or grand then do it. Practice with the wedding invitation first. Personalize yours and create a much memorable journey. 

This article will help you decide well for your invite. Make sure to read and practice what you learned from number one to the last.