Easy and Amazing Printable Wedding Invitation Ideas to Do For Your Special Day

Planning your wedding day is time-consuming, especially when you are keen on the details you want to put. Among the things that take great effort is your wedding invitation. You want it to be perfect. You want it to suit your taste and style. There are a lot of options to choose from, you have to go with the best.

In creating your dream wedding, you cannot go wrong with the wedding invitations. It gives not only the glimpse but also the highlights of your wedding. It is true that wedding invitations are sometimes expensive, however, you can always opt for the cheaper price if you have a tight budget. 

A printable wedding announcement that you can do at home might be the one for you. If you have no idea what templates to look for, below are some examples.

Abstract Swirls

This is a printable wedding invitation from Printable Invitation Kits. If you are more into abstract design with a few twirls and swirls, this could be one of your choices. This template features a minimalist color palette and a customizable font. The good thing about this design is it goes with any theme. You can pair it with any type of paper once you print it out.

Modern Text

In another wedding invitation from Printable Invitation Kits, you can see various fonts that come together. With a modern touch, you can choose fonts from different styles and sizes. Normally, this template comes with a black and white motif. However, if you want to spice it up, you can explore and have fun with different tones.


This design is a blank wedding invitation template from Cards And Pockets. In this particular template, you can go wild with your imagination just like a child drawing on a chalkboard. 

With its realistic edge, this design appeals to many since it could be a reminder of childhood. Digitally, you can edit it online and draw any figure you want before printing it out. If you are a creative bride-to-be, you can turn this one into a masterpiece.


If simple and plain fashion suits your style, this wedding invitation template is the best for you. This template from Cards and Pockets aims to deliver a simple invitation with a great impact. 

The background could simply be blank, which is why printing will not be expensive. The details are still up to you but it is highly advisable that you stay minimalistic as much as possible.

Chevron Wrapper

A wedding invitation template from The Budget Savvy Bride that requires an extra piece of paper for wrapping. In this template, you will have to print out two papers. One contains the details of your wedding. 

The design could be anything under the sun as long as it fits in your theme. And the other one is a printed paper containing chevron patterns. The chevron will serve as a wrapper for your lettering. In it, you can place your initials in the middle.

Lace And Pearls

A wedding invitation from Yes Missy that delivers a bold message with its neutral color scheme, and three-dimensional style. This invitation is very intricate. Aiming to portray a realistic print-out invitation made of lace and pearls, you cannot miss a single detail. You can make the designs digitally. 

But you can opt to use real pearls and beads in styling this invitation. However, if you choose to print them out, you can save money and time from physically designing the invitation.


This wedding invitation from Download and Print allows you to print out patterns for the purpose of sequin designing. This template is time-consuming from printing the actual invitation to gluing and filling out the patterns with sequins. 

It does not only add sparkle but also triggers the excitement of your guests. If you have patience, and you want your invitation to be perfect at a cheaper price, this one for you.


This template from Cards and Pockets brings out the artist in you. Before you print it out, make sure that you are creative enough to create a masterpiece for your wedding invitation. 

You can paint and draw digitally and put it as a design. You can customize however you like, but you can also try featuring famous artworks such as The Starry Night of Van Gogh. In the end, all you need is your imagination to work.

Name Seal

This printable wedding template from Printable Invitation Kits allows you to have a more personalized take on your invitations. The key to this template is to have your names set in front. 

This way, your guests do not have to open the invitation to find out who it is from. At first glance, they will know because your names are visible on the seal. However, you have to place it nicely and elegantly.

Brushed Gold

A classic wedding invitation template from Download and Print that features gold and black motif. If you are on a tight budget but still want to have a fancy effect on your invitation, this is for you. 

You don’t need to spend big for this template, the design does not look cheap at all. It showcases luxury with its golden patterns and swirls. Also, with its clean font design, it shows more formality.


This wedding template from Cards and Pockets allows you to design your invitation card according to your preferred season. If your wedding is set to happen in fall, this template customizes the style with fall leaves. 

Snows are for winter. Blooming flowers for spring. And maybe a beach and sunset for summer. You can follow the season of your wedding day, or be outside the box and choose whatever you want.

Modern Polaroid

If you have a lovely photo you can use as the face of your wedding invitation, this template from Basic Invite is just for you. In this style, you are to put your favorite photo inside the polaroid frame. 

Digitally, you can edit this template and make it dreamy. You can add filters and effects before printing them out. Make sure to choose a color that matches your theme to overlay your photo.

Lights and Fireflies

This wedding invitation template from Basic Invite features a night theme with flying fireflies and lights. If your wedding is set to happen at night, this is perfect as your invitation. 

The background could be dark which highlights the lights, and the fonts could be in white. You can add a starry sky if you want to. Although this template is beautiful, it could be expensive with a lot of colors used.