Seasonal Wedding Invitation Ideas for Every Season

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in one’s life. It is the day where you get to exchange vows with the love of your life and start a new journey as one couple. However, weddings can also be stressful, especially if you don’t know what theme to do for your special day.

After you’ve said yes to your fiance’s proposal, the next thing that you two need to do is tell your family and friends the big announcement. There are tons of ways to announce and invite your loved ones to your wedding, and among the best ideas are seasonal wedding invitation.

What are seasonal wedding invitation?

Seasonal weddings are among the most popular and safest wedding themes that you can follow. If you plan to get married during the winter season, you can look for wedding invitations that have a winter theme. If you plan to get married in summer, a bright and Thisinvitatimotif will look fantastic. 

This article will show you some of the best seasonal invitations that you can use for your big day. You can do this on your own and customize it to your heart’s desire, or you can also talk to your wedding organizer and let them check these ideas for your wedding invitation.

Fall-Themed Wedding Invitations

If you plan to get married during the fall season, then the motif that you should follow should have dark brown and orange color palettes. These shades will surely remind you of fall. Plus, it will feel fit perfectly with your fall-themed wedding, which makes it cuter and romantic. 

When making fall-themed wedding invitations, you may opt to use brown cardboard, dried leaves and flowers, and a rustic wording font. You can print the dried flowers and leaves on the invitation or stick real dried leaves and flowers on it. 

If you want to print the invitations, you can also look for fall-themed wedding invitation templates online. There are invitation makers that you can use online and apps graphic design apps that you can download. Here are some fall-themed wedding invitation templates that you can try.

Rustic Leaves from The Know Invitations

This fall-themed wedding invitation shows simplicity, but it also offers a romantic side, which is perfect to use for your special day. If you want a simple fall wedding, this invitation template is recommended. It shows off warm fall shades, and the card itself is in a warm pink, terra-cotta shade that you will surely love.

Moody Marbling by Hooray Creative

This wedding invitation features fall flowers that show off shades of dark brown, beige, and maroon. Autumn flowers are not something to be discounted, and it makes a great wedding invitation design.

Fallen Wedding by Creo Study

This wedding invitation template offers a unique and classic design you will want to have as your fall-themed wedding invitation. The card shows elegant lace details that will make you feel the rustic vibes. The font is also pretty cute and blends well with the lace design. 

Winter-Themed Wedding Invitations

If you love snow and the cold and wish to get married during the winter season, you should also have a winter-themed wedding invitation. Compared to the fall-themed invitations, the winter theme should feature darker hues, such as dark and royal blue, and should be partnered with white.

You may also pair the dark, cold hues with burgundy, which signifies heat. The mix of cold shades and heated colors will add a bit of a dramatic effect to your winter-themed wedding. Here are more winter-themed wedding invitation ideas to use.

Ethereal Elegance by The Knot Invitations

With the combination of two winter colors, blue and white, this wedding invitation template from The Knot Invitations is genuinely one of the best ones to use. The invitation card features cold and misty mountains, with a hint of the brightest hues of blue. This is a classy and elegant invitation template that you can use as your wedding invitation.

Frosty Chic by Creo Study

If you want a darker-themed winter wedding invitation, then this template from Creo Study called Frosty Chic the best idea to get. This invitation card is similar to winter-themed stationery, but it shows more winter elements such as frost leaves. 

Snowy Skyline by Kristie Kern

This Aspen themed winter wedding invitation has an elegant design that features evergreens with snow on its leaves. The card is in the dark, royal blue, which symbolizes a cold, winter night. The wording of this wedding invitation is also classy, and you may opt to choose between cursive fonts or formal ones. 

Spring-Themed Wedding Invitations

Spring is one of the most-awaited seasons of the year since it comes right after the cold winter season. This is the time where flowers bloom once again, and the sun is starting to show. Having a spring-themed wedding is fun, and it should be a flower-filled event since flowers are in season.

With that, your wedding invitation should also match your spring wedding theme. The best color palette to follow for spring-themed invitations is cool pastels and vintage elements. Spring themes are lighter and more relaxed than winter themes, and here are some ideas that you can do for your spring wedding invitations. 

Floral accents

Flowers bloom most during the spring season, and who doesn’t like more flowers during their wedding day, right? Floral accents add a romantic hint to your wedding motif, and you should make sure that your invitation should also have freshly-looking flowers. 

Vintage accents

Spring also displays a vintage vibe that lets you feel you’re in a classic romantic movie. Vintage invitations are the way to go if you plan on getting married during the spring season. Vintage color shades include nudes, beige, and pastel colors. 

Rustic accents

Although rustic accents work better with fall-themed invitations, it also works well for spring-themed ones. Together with bright floral accents, adding a hint of rustic details will make your invitations look cool. Rustic accents include hessian fabric, twig strings, and rough papers.

Summer-Themed Wedding Invitations

Are you planning to get married by the beach with just a few friends and family? Then you must have a summer-themed wedding invitation as well! Summer is also among the most-exciting seasons of the year because the sun is up, and it is a great time to go for a swim.

For summer-themed seasonal wedding invitation, you can be as creative as you can. Summer is supposed to be fun and bright, and you can do a combination of florals, festive colors and designs, and more for your invitations. 

Here are some summer wedding invitation templates that you can get an idea from when making your summer-themed invitation.

Bike Lovers by Dearly Beloved

Biking on a great summer day with the love of our life is truly one of the most romantic things to do. This wedding invitation template is genuinely adorable, and the accents are a combination of floral and leaves. This invitation template is available on

Elegant Beach Invitation by The Knot Invitations

If you are having a beach wedding, this invitation template is truly the best to use. This has a sense of elegance that will make your wedding invite intimate. The invitation also has aquatic elements such as corals and sea plants, which gives a cool and fresh approach.

Summer Love Wedding by Wildfield Paper Co.

This seasonal wedding invitation template from Wildfield has all summer elements that complement your summer wedding theme. The invitation looks very classy and romantic, and the colors and details add up to the warm announcement from the couple. 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! These seasonal wedding invitation ideas mentioned in this article are just some of the best ones out there in the market. It’s not that hard to think of a seasonal wedding invitation design because templates are readily available online for you to use. Pick your season and customize your invitations to your heart’s desire!