Tropical Wedding Invitation Designs to Try

Is your dream wedding on a beach in the beautiful country of Hawaii? Or do you wish to get married in a secluded paradise in Bali, Indonesia? If yes, then you’re probably in need of ideas for tropical wedding invitations.

Invitations are a big part of your wedding planning because they give your guests a glimpse of what to expect on the celebration of your marriage with your better half. Plenty of couples nowadays opt to plan their own invitations from the start than hiring someone to do it for them. Designing your own wedding invitation from scratch will cut the planning costs that you can otherwise use on bouquets or more choices for the catering.

The simplest way to bring island getaway vibes to your wedding invitation is to overlay photos of beaches and palm trees on the cover of your announcement. Else, have your prenuptial shoot while on a summer vacation. These are straightforward and make for a good remembrance of the most important event of you and your soon-to-be spouse’s lives.

For couples looking for more creativity, here are some ways to start your journey to the married life with elegant tropical wedding invitation and ways to spice it up!


In order to complete the experience of tropical wedding invitations and announcements, your invitations can be designed to look like passports. This will give your guests the feeling of being on an actual trip to an overseas vacation, even without flying out of the country.

There is plenty of room to include your prenuptial photos with a passport-like invitation because of its mini-book design. Make your RSVP cards to look like boarding passes. You can even go as far as personalizing each pass with the guest’s name to create a memorable souvenir.


Here is a unique tropical wedding invitation idea: hand out your announcements inside bottles, like messages that were found washed on the beach shore. To execute this, simply use test tube bottles. Print and roll your invitations inside the bottles, then secure it using an appropriate size of cork.

There are plenty of ways to elevate this idea even further. You can fill the bottles with actual sand or synthetic colored sand. Add a dash of white glitter for a light yet sophisticated touch, and tie the bottle with a twine rope for a bit of a rustic vibe.

Sailor themes

Nautical-themed weddings are “in” these days, with celebrations held on yachts or boats. You don’t have to be a sailor to execute this event. The navy blue and white combination is a simple yet elegant theme to work with on weddings, especially on invitations!

A maritime-inspired wedding is fun to work on because of the many elements you can play with on your invitations. You can incorporate anchors, compasses, maps, and lighthouses into your designs. For an added tip, place an image of the fisherman’s knot or tie it across your tropical wedding invitations. This is one of the strongest knots made by man, and it can be a very good representation of the union of two people.


Bonfires can either remind you of calm and relaxing nights or parties by the beach. For an intimate aesthetic, place a scenic photo of a bonfire on the shore. Include a view of the night sky to evoke a feeling of stargazing with your loved one. Plus points if you have a pair of champagne glasses on white pearlescent sand!


When you think of a Hawaii getaway, the first thing that comes to mind is Hula dancers, drinking in coconut shells, and Leis. A Lei is a garland of flowers that are worn in Hawaii as a sort of welcome or adéu. The most common flowers used in Leis are Kika blossoms, orchids, ginger blossoms, and carnations. They are given with a kiss and elicit the feeling of friendliness.

What better way to welcome your guests to the biggest day of your lives by embellishing your invitation with these flowers? Simply design the background of your invitation with images of flowers or petals of various colors for a lively greeting. For a clean and sophisticated look, place a big embossed sketch of an orchid on cream paper, write your text in blue, or green so bring an element of the ocean or the trees. 


Trees are also huge on tropical vibes, and perhaps even more than flowers. Think about the iconic palm trees of Beverly Hills or the long shadow of coconut leaves that sway gently on the sand. Bora Bora wouldn’t be the same without these trees, and you can bring back that one almost Honeymoon vacation experience by decorating your invitation with this fresh verdure.


A quirky way to liven up your wedding announcement is to adorn your cards with patterns of seashells. They bring a lightened atmosphere to your invitation that tells your guests it is going to be a fun wedding by the beach with warm lights and the possibility of barefoot dancing at the reception. The best color scheme to go with seashells is bright orange hues with hints of teal.


Besides shrubs and trees, you can also opt for a more underwater tropical mood by using silhouettes of marine life. This design is especially close to the heart of the adrenaline junkies that love to explore the wilderness through the deep sea or free diving. Corals and red algae are some elements you can include in your invitations to invoke a calm yet deep love for the ocean.

You may also opt to print or cut out starfish patterns for this design. Try tying twine rope across your envelope to close it, and end it with a starfish cutout as a seal. Mix this with any of the patterns above, and you’re sure to bring Fiji right in the palm of your guests.

Wedding invitations mark the first step towards one of the biggest ceremonies of your life. Just mix and match these designs, and you’ll find it a breeze to creating the perfect Tropical Wedding Invitations. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at first, but working at it with your partner will surely be a memory you will cherish for years to come.