Best Watercolor Wedding Invitation Templates of 2020

In a blink of an eye, your courting period has flown. The engagement period has also passed quickly. They often say that when you are happy, time goes on faster. It seems that it is true, especially with your special day approaching sooner. 

When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of things to prepare. You will think about the venue, the wedding dress, the catering services, and more. Accordingly, you must also give time to think about the guest attendees. 

You will need wedding announcements right away to notify your family and friends of the event. Here comes the preparation of watercolour wedding invitations

According to a source, invitations are the primary source of information about the ceremony’s details. It will include the Wh-who, what, where, and when of the event. Hence, it is crucial. 

The invitation is also the gateway to the wedding. It will set the mood by how it looks. Thus, there must be a well-thought design. It will transcend the expectation of everyone. If it is not right, then the guests will probably not even show up. 

Since the early times, drawing and painting are one of the ways to show beauty. It evolved into different kinds. Watercolour painting is currently famous nowadays. It is even used to decorate clothes down to make-ups.

In particular, you may also use custom watercolour wedding invitations. Let us learn more about it in this article!

Watercolour Wedding Invitation Templates of 2020

Ombre Watercolor Design

Ombre is not only for hair colour designs! Ombre watercolour is also becoming one of the fastest-growing designs in wedding invitations now. Get this one and feel the magic with the colour hues overlapping together. 

According to a source, ombre means shade in its original language, French. The colour hues move from lightest to darkest. There is a gradual mixing of colour that makes it so attractive to the eyes.

Earthy Watercolor Design

The earth is full of colour, which we often overlook. We are so intuned with bright and screaming palettes, that is why we forget it. However, you may still enjoy these laid back colours in your watercolour painted wedding invitations.

Let the call of nature spread in your invite. Make a strong impression on the guest list with the use of the woods. You may opt for the beauty of sunset and sunrise while it washes the Earth with its warmth and elegance. 

Scenery Watercolor Design

Are you also fond of nature and natural landscapes? Perhaps, you love travelling and others. Put these same emotions in your wedding invitations. Use the scenery watercolour design and make your guests fall in love with them.

Moody Vibes Watercolor Design

When you enter any room, its colour is the first thing you will notice. It is the same with any object, especially in wedding invitations. Do you know that colours heavily affect the mood of the person seeing it? 

In colour psychology, different hues represent emotions. Blue is a good example. It makes people feel calm and relax. Additionally, green is also another one. It represents healing, health, wealth, and strongness. 

Textured Watercolor Wedding Invitation Design

Texturing is not a common technique when it comes to watercolour. Due to its wet base, it is hard to achieve using it. However, there are the ways which many artists use today to bring out the best of textured watercolour designing. 

With texturing, the wedding invitation will have more personality. It is a visual effect that nothing can beat. You only need to choose with its different types which are the actual, simulated, abstract and invented.

Illustration Watercolor Wedding Invitation Design

In illustration watercolour, you have an image drawn then fill it with paint. Diversity is what we can get with this design technique. 

Now, you can play with any pictures. You can even use your photos to be illustrated in your wedding invitations. It will bring a more personalised touch. Share your happy moments with the people you love even before the actual ceremony. 

Fill each page with love and happiness. Your guests will surely enjoy looking at them. 

Floral Watercolor Wedding Invitation Design

From the name itself, this design refers to the use of florals. Work with every colour and shapes of the flowers around the world. You may get ideas from different sites. There are downloadable templates where you can either get them free or with minimal fees.

Decorate your wedding invitation with your most favourite which can be a rose or even a sunflower. There are still plenty more to choose from! 

Put the flowers in borders or the central point of the invitation. Either of the two, it will make the final output more appealing to the eyes. 

Summer Watercolor Wedding Invitation Design

If you have a summer wedding ceremony, better bring this vibe right away in your invitations. Use green, yellow, blue, pink, magenta, teal, pink, and more. 

Beach weddings are an excellent start for this kind of invitations. You may also include images of the beach with the sea, fishes, sand, coconut trees, and even some watermelons. 

Whimsical Watercolor Wedding Invitation Design

Perhaps, you grew dreaming of being a fairy, or you grew dreaming about having a fairy wedding. Do not look further because you can do it. Let us start with your wedding invitations today.

Bring in your inner fancy self with splashes of childlike portraits and playful sceneries. These are common in children art books so you can get inspiration from them. Accordingly, they are brighter and more fun than usual. 

Dark Themed Watercolor Wedding Invitation Design

Some couples may also prefer a dark theme for their wedding. If you are one of them, use the same thing for your wedding invitations design

Some of the invitations are crafted with hues of blue, black, white, green, grey, and pink. Take note only that we do not refer to the brighter coloured ones. These are the navy blue, emerald green, magenta, and more. 

You may also opt to employ contrast to achieve more uniqueness in the invitation presentations.