Top 10 Envelope Liners You Would Want For Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation is a work of art. Every detail is on point. The planning takes time for accuracy and precision. In planning your dream day, you aim for the perfect invitation that will wow your visitors. Invitations differ in sizes, shapes, and the overall motif. You can personalize it any way you want to.

But one of things that give the element of surprise to your invitation is found in your envelope liners. When your visitors open the invitation, the liner is found on the triangular top. This does not only give a glimpse of what design to expect, but also it is the perfect place to leave a statement.

Why Are Envelope Liners Necessary?

It is true that there are wedding invitations which do not feature envelope liners, and it is totally okay. There is nothing wrong with it, but envelope liners are necessary because it completes the overall look of your invitation. It also gives your visitors a glimpse of what to expect. 

Invitations with envelope liners are best if you’re looking to leave an impression and a statement to your guests. This is what makes your invitations stand out the most. Envelope liners should be unique and presentable. It should be pleasant to look at. And it does not need to be expensive nor luxury. 

Floral Liner

The floral lined envelope is the epitome of classic romance when it comes to weddings. It represents love on another level. You can choose which flower species you want to put. Whether it has a sentimental value, or it represents your wedding theme. You can stick with one kind, or be as colorful as you get and create a garden on your envelope liners. Floral liners are often incorporated in garden weddings.

Venue Liner

This lined envelope depicts a scenery, mostly of your wedding venue. If you want your guests to have a peek of where the wedding will be held, this design is for you. It is inviting, at the same time, attention-grabbing. If you want to place the entire colorful photo of your venue, it is the best. But if you want it to be simpler, you can place a silhouette version of it.

Celestial Liner

If you love staring at the sky at night, you will love this envelope liner featuring the starry night. This is perfect for the weddings that are held at night. This liner emphasizes a dreamy romance under the sky full of stars. It’s mostly captivating, and it does give a very well aesthetic effect. You can also incorporate it with other details such as your venue, or a special place close to your heart.

Sketch Liner

This 5×7 lined envelope features a personalized sketch. If you want to make the most of the art for your wedding invitation, you should try sketching. The sketch does not need to be perfect. The important thing is how you convey the art itself. Placing your own masterpiece in your envelope liner is something to be proud of. You can actually sketch anything under the sun, and it may differ from one envelope to another. 

Watercolor Liner

This lined envelope goes for those who want it to be colorful without going overboard. This design is simple with watercolor swirls painted on your envelope liners. It can be made of one color, or more. It can also be in an ombre form. This watercolor liner is full of combinations you can try. The good thing about it is you can match it with the overall motif and theme of the invitation. It is also easy, and fun to make.

Abstract Liner

If you are not sure of what you want to convey, you can choose an abstract art. This envelope liner is a design which solely depends on how one sees it. A twirl of a line could mean anything to anyone. This gives the feeling of variety and uniqueness. In a wedding invitation, this is perfect when you aim for a freestyle and nothing specific. However, the color scheme should be on point with your wedding theme.

Church Liner

If you are having a church wedding, this lined envelope is for you. It specifically features the church where your wedding will take place. It can be a photo, a sketch, or a painting of the church. It depends on how you like to place it. This design shows respect to the religion and the church itself. Your guests will also have an idea of how you will conduct your wedding.

Mountain Liner

If you are a fan of hiking or generally, the outdoor scenery itself, this one’s for you. It could have trees and mountains, all revolving in green tones. It does not only give the outdoor vibes, but also the adventurous aura is undeniable. This is also perfect if the venue of your wedding is located somewhere near the woods. And this design also sets an awareness to keep the environment green.

Photo Liner

This design is your typical envelope liner where you can feature any photo under the sun. It could be the photoshoot of your engagement, the photo of your pet, or even the photo of your wedding details such as the flowers, the ring and more. You can get creative as much as you want. The photo can also be in black and white, or fill it with colors. Also, this design makes your guests feel welcome since it is personalized.

Ocean Liner

This lined envelope is made for beach weddings. In this style, you can place it as a sunrise or a sunset scenery by the ocean. It is up to you on which one is closer to your wedding motif. This design also gives the outdoor vibes but with the ocean fresh aura. Not only that it is aesthetically pleasing, but it also is relaxing to look at. Make sure that this design gets realistic as much as possible.

Overall, there are a lot of varieties of lined envelopes out there, you just have to choose which is best for your special day. In choosing the design, be sure to consider your budget and time. You do not want your invitations to be late, nor your budget to be cut short. Go for the simple yet elegant looking liner. And most importantly, do not go way beyond your limit.