Where to Find the Coolest Destination Wedding Invitation Templates

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting parts you can do with your partner. The rush of thinking about how exquisite the wedding location will be, designing the fancy dresses, and taking a note of your list of visitors at a higher level needs careful thinking. Indeed, some things need to be extravagant on your special day. 

Among these are your destination wedding invitations that usually leave the first impression. As they say, the first impression lasts, so better make the most out of your destination wedding invitation templates. You would want your visitor to receive a classy and beautifully made invitation. Something spectacular that piques their interest is a must. If you’re going to look more at the invitations, below is a list of our highly recommended templates!

Bohemian Floral Arch 

This Bohemian-themed template is from Zazzle, and it boasts of its vibrant, colorful tone. This template, filled with a floral design, appeases anyone of all ages. With its arch looking classic, and the curtains flowing with the wind, this design is perfect for a festive theme. It certainly makes you feel one with nature in Hawaii.

The template’s back would depend on your choice of color, but maroon is the default color since it goes well with the color combination of the flowers. This template from Zazzle is 5″ x 7″ in size. It is of high quality, full-color in a matte paper with an eggshell texture, and light white.

Rose Gold Sparkle Passport 

If you or your partner is fond of traveling, or maybe your wedding would center on a travel theme, this unique destination wedding invitation template is just for you! This template is made precisely like how passports and tickets look. But with a touch of wedding details and decors.

Wrapped in a rose gold luxury bow and a boarding pass that gives the travel vibes, this template from Etsy is indeed captivating. It has a pearlescent card, passport-style printed emblem, personalized guest’s information, boarding pass style RSVP, and a classic envelope to fit everything. And it is 14cm x 10cm in size, perfect for holding. 

Eucalyptus And Gold Frame

A template from Printable by Jen and this one takes you into the wild. If you are planning which showcases how adventurous you are as a couple, this template is just for you. Designed with cool tones of green, yellow, white, and black, it gives chilling vibes. With a gold frame that ensures classiness, this template is pleasing in the eyes.

It features a eucalyptus design and style. This template is notable in the destination wedding invitation wording that is not too fancy and not too dull. It is beautiful, minimalist yet it appeals to emotions with the decors’ choices found in it. 

Sunset Modern Watercolor 

This template is another one from Zazzle, again, with its vibrant hues, but this time, it is perfect for a sunset-themed wedding. This template is a watercolor swash painted in orange and coral colors. If you plan for an outdoor wedding under the delightful view of the sun while it is setting, this template could be your best option.

Since Zazzle made this template customizable, you can choose which font to use and which additional designs you would like to put. You can opt to make the best out of the watercolor painting by adding outdoor scenery witnessing the sunset. This template is 5″ x 7″ in high-quality and full-color.

Luggage Tag 

When it comes to creativity, Something Turquoise tops it takes on a template inspired by luggage tags. This template is for couples who are travelers or are taking their marriage abroad. Luggage tags are the righteous symbol for traveling, and it gives the thought of being in a far-off vacation.

Depending on your wedding’s theme color, you are free to choose from the pastel colors of peach, aqua, and sage. This template contains a printed text of “Pack Your Bags.” 

You can insert your destination on the tag. It is A6 in size, with a corner punch, a hole punch, eyelets, and twine. Choose wherever in the world you want to go and place it in your destination wedding invitation in the form of an astonishing luggage tag. 

Beach Wedding Theme 

Etsy’s template is for couples who are planning to have a beach wedding on their special day. The template features the beach’s map in an ombre color of blue, pink, and orange, which resembles the ocean and the skies. It also features an airplane and a flight route towards the beach. And a house stamp on the envelope that comes with it.

Indeed, it is best for couples who are fond of the ocean. Plus, you can choose to customize it and maybe put where you are from towards the place you will get married. It is 5″ x 7″ printed in high-quality paper. It also includes the names, the date, the location. And the exact coordinates of the places you want to put.

Post Card 

From Foxy and Winston, this last template is one that comes in the form of a postcard. This template includes the roadmap of your choice’s place towards the setting of your wedding location. It comes in the minimalist design of road infrastructures, including buildings, houses, and notable landmarks you can pass by on your way to the beautiful destination.

This template is for people who like to keep memories while traveling on the road. If you want to make it more lively, you can incorporate trees and rivers on the invitation. You can choose fonts and decors. Foxy and Winston made sure the color pool would be appealing. If you want your wedding invitation to be memorable, this is one of the best options.


There are a lot of unique destination wedding invitation templates out there. It is up to you and your partner to choose what is best for your big day. Whatever you choose, make sure you bring out the creativity in you and make it extraordinary!