Wedding Napkin Ideas For Your Special Day

Details are essential during your big day, not only during the wedding itself but also even after. Usually, it is the time where your family, friends, and guests gather around to celebrate you and your partner as official couples. It is also where finding the perfect catering business you can hire for your reception becomes genuinely essential. 

The menu should be on point, the food itself is high quality, and the decorations should be captivating. Small details are necessary, such as custom wedding napkins as part of your tabletop designs matter. Napkins may not be as expensive as your other decors, but it impacts your tables’ overall outcome. It gives the first impressions, especially when you choose to get creative and try different wedding napkins ideas. 

Wedding Monogram

Upgrade your napkin with an engraved monogram for your guests to admire. Your napkin could be in a rectangular fold. However, the twist is on its design. Bearing you and your partner’s initials on it, it could symbolize love and union. You can choose any color and whether it is an imprint, engraved, or handwoven. You can also try a different fold, but the rectangular is the default.

Napkin Ring

If you want a personalized wedding napkin that speaks elegance, choose one rolled and secured with a golden ring. Any napkin infused with a touch of gold is more than luxurious. Especially that the color is versatile, your napkin could be in any color. But preferably a darker tone such as maroon, royal blue, or matte black. Plus, since it is a roll, it could match with any plating without looking awkward. 

Elegant Rectangle

Rectangular folds are usually in the form of paper napkins for weddings. This classic fold is simple and is perfect for receptions that do not need extravagant decorations. Also, in this fold, you can add something to the top. Flower petals, scented candles, or even your wedding remembrance could be an excellent addition for it to sit on the top of the fold. It could only be anything that will remind the guests of you. 

Pocket Fold Napkin

This fold primarily comes with a pocket on the napkin where you can put any card. It could be the reception menu, an invitation for an after-party, or maybe a card that gives thanks to your guests. The main thought of this idea is to share something with everyone. When it comes to the napkins’ appearance, as usual, you are the one to decide the color. Plus, you get to choose the size of the napkin according to the card.

Tie-the-Knot Napkin Fold

If you want to be more symbolic and want something that shows everyone how proud you are of your wedding, try this fold where your wedding napkin is in the form of a tied knot. Tie-the-knot is a prevalent symbolism for a couple’s union, and it delivers a message of a permanent bond. When you use this kind of fold, you like to tell everyone that you are married. More so, choose a color that stands out, such as red for love.

Heart-shaped Napkin

This custom wedding napkin is nothing more but full of romance. It comprises two napkins folded as half of a heart, which, when combined, forms the most significant symbol of love. In this napkin, engrave your names on each of the halves, which delivers the message of being as one. The best color would include a lighter shade. Also, you could try to put some designs such as an arrow running on both halves.

Napkin Waterfall Fold

This design is aesthetically on point, for it resembles a waterfall. It is in the form of a napkin folded lengthwise and is draping over the table’s edge. It is a unique and unusual fold that gives fun on the table. It could even be the star if you try to be more creative and put a 3D painting on the napkin itself. Or, if you want it to be more personalized, you can try adding an embroidery of your initials at the edge. 

Bow-tie Napkin

This style is close to a napkin ring fold. The only difference is this time; the ribbon is replacing the ring. It is a more subtle choice if you want to keep it straightforward but still elegant. You can choose any color of the bow, its length, and thickness. The fold could also either be a simple roll or a more complex diamond fold. Whatever you choose, make sure to adhere to your table’s motifs and add to its classic feeling.

Placemat Look-a-like

If you have so many decors going on with your tabletop and you don’t know where you could place the napkin, this style is just right. The napkin ultimately serves as the placemat under the utensils. Although it is not as pretty as it sounds, it looks stylish. The napkins’ colors are advisable to be neutral, so it does not overpower the other decorations. Rather it complements them.

Bouquet Shaped Napkin

This napkin style is another unique fold where you can place it just beside your dish. In this fold, your napkin is shaped triangular and will have a ribbon tie on the lower portion, where it forms the shape of a bouquet. Whether it is a real flower or faux ones on the inner sides, it is up to you. You can also decide to place a card inside. What matters is the appearance should be presentable.

Pentagonal Crest Fold

This wedding napkin is a result of another creative touch. In this fold, add a crest on the napkin’s center in the form of a pentagon. The look is closer to a monogram. And the crest could be anything relative to your family or your wedding. This diamond looking fold is not only classy but also have a modern touch to it. The colors of the napkin could either be matte or shimmering, depending on how you want it.

Layer Fold Napkin

If you want a napkin look that does not require fancy designs and colors, you might want to use layer foldings. In this way, you can select two or more napkins of your choice and layer them all together. You would create a settling look that is effortlessly beautiful. It helps when you use different colors, preferably lighter and darker shades. The result could be an abstract, compiled, or deconstructed style.