Tips and Examples How To Do Wedding RSVP Card Wording

Weddings are never complete without wedding invitations and RSVP cards. These things are usually the first ones in mind. They come in papers and envelopes, and they are one of the most essential. Indeed, every wedding differs from one to the other. It is up to you to design and bring out most of the details. You are the artist of your wedding. Your chosen theme for your cards most of the time tells a lot about what to expect.

What Are Wedding Invitations And RSVP Cards?

If you wonder when’s the time to bring your best choice of cards to the table, you are preparing your wedding invitations and RSVP. They are the first appearance of your most awaited day. The details should be on point, from the wording to the borderlines, background colors, and the uniqueness of the envelopes themselves.

You must be thinking, why is there a need to put effort into these cards? What is so special about these cards? Wedding invitations and RSVP cards are your way to invite, contact, and tell your visitors that you anticipate their presence. It is also their way to respond to your invite. Remember, responding is a must. Their response ahead of time helps you decide on the wedding’s total outcome, especially your budget. 

Things To Remember When Handling RSVP Cards

Before diving deep into writing and style a wedding RSVP, there are a few things to remember to avoid messing things up. Every guest count on your day is crucial, so you need to organize your RSVP carefully. You should be able to ask them nicely, at the same time, giving them room to wrap around their head the possible look of your wedding day. And not only that, it is possible to provide them with options on the card, especially when it comes to food and dining services. 

Sending Your RSVP Cards and Setting A Deadline

In an invitation, wedding RSVP cards usually come in a separate card with the invitation, but there are times they are together on only one piece of paper. So when you send out your invitations, make sure to send them with the RSVP. You should send your invites two months before the big day. It gives you more time to prepare for the headcount, and it also offers your guests some time to clear their schedule for you if they wish to attend. 

The thing you should never forget in including an RSVP is to put a deadline. Ensure that you are clear of the last day you allow them to send the RSVP back. It makes things easier and smooth. It will lessen the stress for everybody. You are the one who is responsible for putting the deadline. Be sure to have ample time between the wedding day and the deadline. A month before the day will do. 

Always Take Your Cards To Another Level

Since these cards are the first that will arrive in your guests, make sure that they are presentable enough to capture attention. Adding a touch of elegance and grace is commendable. You can be creative as you want to be. Your imagination is the only limit. Be sure to stick to the theme.

Also, it’s not just about the style and outward look of your RSVP and invitations. It is also about your choice of words. Sometimes, you have to be outside the box, away from the traditional wording, and try it your way. There are a lot of creative ways to encourage your guests to attend. 

You can be unique and add some personal but fun questions. You can even add quotations, lyrics, or your favorite movie lines. You can also ask them for the things they want to see or experience on your wedding day. It is up to you to fit aesthetic glamor on your wedding invitations and RSVP.

Essential Things You Should Not Leave Out

If you figured out the wording that suits your taste, you could start thinking of the information you should put on your cards. The first thing you have to put in mind is that the date of the deadline is visible and eye-catching. This way, your guests would not miss it. Another thing is making way for your guest to check themselves whether they intend to attend or not. 

You could put a box they could check or use words such as yes or no in ensuring their presence. If they can make it, they must have enough space to write their names. Your guests will have to be specific on who can attend and who can’t. They may or may not include plus-ones. Also, you have to provide options for dietary requirements.

Your guests may be vegetarian or allergic to a specific food. You have to take note to avoid anything wrong that could happen. Moreover, always include your contact details. An email address or phone number will do. And always leave a blank space for your guests to leave their thoughts. They might want to leave a congratulatory message or share how excited they are for your big day.

Different Wedding RSVP Card Wordings

Planning the wording for your wedding RSVP cards after carefully thinking about what you should put is one of the hardest parts. There are different formats you can use, depending on your choice and theme. You can always opt to be unique or use the traditional wordings available. Nevertheless, if you wonder what wording you can use, you may try some inspirational ideas. 


This wording is best if you want to sound as friendly as possible, like your visitor’s next-door neighbor or long-time best friend. Casualty means reducing the formalities.

Kindly Respond

We are expecting you to respond before December 8

Name (s): _________________

__ will attend and celebrate with you

__ will be toasting with you from afar

Entree Preference: ___ Fish ___ Pork ___ Beef ___Vegetarian

Dessert Preference: ___ Puddings __ Tarts ___ Custards


This wording will remain as neutral and formal as it sounds. Formalities are there, and you try to say as respectfully as you can. Usually, the only time for this wording is when the guests are people of high social status. 

Répondez S’il Vous Plait

You are requested to respond before December 8.

Name (s): _________________

__ gladly accepts the invitation

__ regretfully declines the invitation

Entree Preference: ___ Fish ___ Pork ___ Beef ___Vegetarian

Dessert Preference: ___ Puddings __ Tarts ___ Custards

Dress Code: Formal Vintage Wear


This wording is the best for couples born in the 21st century. It is far from traditional. And it uses words that are casual and modern. The terms are informal and sometimes may use words that may seem inappropriate but are socially acceptable. 

Are You Willing To Join Us?

Don’t turn us down… let’s hear from you before December 8.

Name (s): _________________

__ Save me a seat, I’m coming!

__ Aww, too bad, give my seat to someone else!

Entree Preference: ___ Fish ___ Pork ___ Beef ___Vegetarian

Dessert Preference: ___ Puddings __ Tarts ___ Custards

Any words of wisdom? ______________________


If you want to be creative with your guests, this is the wording you can try. This wording is when you allow your guests to share their thoughts with you. You can add anything you want to. Be creative.

We would love to see you on our big day! Yay or Nay?

The pigeon’s waiting. Send the card back before December 8.

Name (s): _________________

__ I’ll teleport and be there!

__ Oh no, I can’t go, my teleporter isn’t working! 

Any song you want to hear? _________________

Any good words of advice? _________________

Entree Preference: ___ Fish ___ Pork ___ Beef ___Vegetarian

Dessert Preference: ___ Puddings __ Tarts ___ Custards


This wording is highly effective when your wedding is happening abroad. You can sound formal or casual. This wording does not require any specific details, except it is only applicable when your guests would expect to travel.

Travel With Us!

Your tickets are ready. Watch me say I do! RSVP before December 8.

Name (s): _________________

__ Yes! I’ll fly to witness your big day!

__ Sorry, I have to get a rain check.

Any words of wisdom? _________________

Entree Preference: ___ Fish ___ Pork ___ Beef ___Vegetarian

Dessert Preference: ___ Puddings __ Tarts ___ Custards