How to Tell Your Wedding Guests to Save the Date

A person’s wedding day is one of the most remarkable events in their life. Therefore, everyone who is privileged to be invited during this life event should be honored. While wedding preparations can get a bit hectic as the days go by, there is one primary thing that you need to make sure of: and that is for your guests to be on that day.

Wedding invitations are essential for a wedding party, but it does not assure that your guests will remember your day. When you hand out your invitations early, there are tendencies that people might forget. Thus, you need to make them remember and save the date of your special day. 

Here are some ways on how you can make save the date wedding invitations for your guests. 

Save The Date Invitation

Invitations are essential especially for wedding events and ceremonies. Your invitations can be customized to your liking, or you can just choose a theme that you can follow. Invitations are like the window of your wedding event, and it should be enticing enough to look at in just one glance for people to remember your event.

There are tons of ways on how to make invitations. You can ask your wedding event organizer to make one for you, or if you want a more intimate and personal touch, you can also make it yourself. There are wedding invitation apps and programs that you can use online or download on your computer. 

When making your invitation, make sure that the date of the event is highlighted for people to mark their calendars. That way, they will be able to save the date for you. You should also put it in front of the invitation, together with the event venue so they won’t forget.

Save The Date Wedding Announcements

If you have already said yes to your groom-to-be, then it’s time to make your wedding announcement to everyone who is close your heart. You can do a special announcement online or send them texts. Although you do either, it does not guarantee that everyone will remember your wedding date.

Thus, save the date wedding announcements should be made memorable for everyone, especially your guests. Wedding announcements do not need to be grand, but you need to make sure that it will mark on everyone’s heart. 

When doing wedding announcements, you can make a special social media post, like a photo of your engagement ring or your prenup photos. You can make a collage, an album, or any compilation of your soon-to-be wedding photos. If you want to go more extra, you can also do a prenup shoot and hire a videographer to do it for you. 

By doing do, you are also hitting two birds in one stone: you get to announce your special event and send a save the date invitation all in one.

Save The Date Post Cards

Similar to wedding invitations, you can also make save the date post cards for your guests. Although you might think that an invitation card and a post card is the same, both can be distinct from one another. 

Post cards are also great especially if you wish to invite someone away from you, maybe someone who lives in another city or country. You can send your invite and let them mark your special day by sending them a post card. This way, you don’t have to make an invitation and a post card, because you can do it in a wedding post card customized especially for you.

Just like an invitation card, wedding save the date cards can also be customized to your liking. You can use apps and programs online where you can design your own invitations and post cards. Among the best apps to use is Canva, Invitation Maker, and more. 

Save The Date Magnets

One way of making your wedding day memorable to each and everyone you invited is to remind them of the event through small tokens. Although tokens are given during the wedding reception, you can actually give it in advance. If you are still inviting your guests on your wedding day, why not give them something more interesting that they can use as well, just like save the date magnets.

Magnets are among the best token ideas for weddings, birthdays, or any special occasions. It is also a cheap token idea to get. You can buy magnets in wholesale price, and have it customized with your wedding theme. Match it with your invitations, and your guests will surely love it. They can use it in their homes, or even in their offices. Magnets are practical and at the same time useful. 

Where to order Unique Save the Date Ideas

Wedding invitations and tokens are easy to find these days. However, the challenge is where to get the best ones that are worth every penny you spend on it. Below we have some ideas on where you can order save the date tokens and invitations for your most awaited wedding day.

Etsy – LittlePrintsStore

If you are looking for DIY and printable save the date ideas for your wedding, you should try LittlePrintStore on Etsy. Aside from wedding invitations, they also cater to cards for other occasions. 

LittlePrintsStore also has the best invitation ideas that you can choose from. You can choose a font or theme to follow, such as calligraphy, gold foil, stationary, watercolor, or handwritten. The best part is, it can be printed at home!

Etsy – Pioro Wedding

Another great store on Etsy that caters wedding invitation is Pioro Wedding. The store has tons of witty ideas that you can use for yuor wedding invitations and tokens. Among their best-selling pieces is “Things Just Got Real.” They also have minimalist invitation themes if you want a simpler and more straightforward design for your wedding day. 

Final Thoughts

Thinking of a wedding invitation design or theme can be a bit stressful sometimes. However, don’t make it your major wedding stressor and follow the ideas we mentioned in this article. Make your guests remember your special day. Save the date in a fun and memorable way for everyone close to your heart.