How to Make Anniversary Party Invitations

Whether it would be your wedding anniversary or your parents’ anniversary, it takes a lot of effort to celebrate them. One of the many items you would have to prepare is the party invitation. There are lots of things you would have to keep in mind when making one. Let’s talk about how to make them in this article!

Choosing a Party Invitation Theme

The first step to making an anniversary party invitation is to decide on a theme. At this first step, make sure to match it with the party’s overall theme. This is because your guests should see this invitation as an introduction to what the party will be like and how you want this celebration to be remembered. For example, if you are planning for a couple’s wedding anniversary who loves wine, you would make one that has lots of references to grapes, wine bottles, and glasses.

When making the theme, take note of the following:

  • Size of envelope
  • Size of invitation
  • Color scheme
  • Illustrations to be used
  • Invitation template
  • Envelope template
  • Fonts to be used
  • Other embellishments to be used (e.g. metallic fonts, letterpress)

Look for Materials

After thinking of what theme you want to have for your invitation, the next step is to choose the materials the invitation would have. This includes the paper for the invitation to the seal of the invitation’s envelope. With that in mind, let’s take a look at which materials can be used for each part of the invitation.

Anniversary Invitation Envelopes

If you want to place your invitation inside an envelope, make sure that the base material is sturdy enough to hold it. A recommended material for it is a heavier weight paper or card stock. After that, decorations can be placed up to one’s discretion, such as adding a lace trim around the edges or opting for a watercolored pattern onto the envelope. Make sure it is big enough that the contents can fit snugly inside.

When it comes to closing the envelope, it depends on the type of envelope you want to have. Maybe you want to seal it by adding a simple ribbon around it. Another is by opting for wax seals, which can come in many colors.

Anniversary Invitation Envelope Liners

If you’re wondering about several designs of envelopes that have a special design on the inside, that’s what’s called an envelope liner. It is an additional piece of decorative paper that gives the whole package a special touch. You can opt for a patterned piece of paper from the art store or make it by yourself. Some designs can include a cut-out pattern or an embossed design.

Anniversary Invitation

Finally, let’s talk about the invitation itself. The paper should be thick enough before adding any embellishments such as embossed details. Aside from that, make sure that it is of the right color that it will complement the theme of the overall design. The embellishments you can put on it should not overcrowd the invitation message itself too.

What to Write on the Invitation

Speaking of the invitation, the message is the most important part. It helps your guests to learn what kind of event they are about to attend. Here’s a list of what should be there:

  1. Whose anniversary is it
  2. Where it will be held
  3. When it will be held

Meanwhile, you can also add the following if you’d like:

  1. Gift requests
  2. What to wear
  3. Time of the celebration
  4. RSVP
  5. How many people will be coming

How to Have It Made

Once you have decided on the details and materials you would like to use, the next step is to have it printed before it gets to your guests! You can choose between three options: print it yourself, online, or third-party.

Print it Yourself

Nothing says heartfelt than making all the invitations yourself! After deciding on the materials and design, make sure to allot more time in your party preparation schedule to finish all of them. This also includes ordering the materials. Also, before making the final version of the invitations, make sure to print a test batch. That way, you can see whether the printed version is good enough to be sent out.

Use Digital Tools

Another option that you can opt in to have the invitations made digitally first. Using digital software such as Photoshop, you can create the design of the invitation and the envelope. Take note that the software to be used may require a little more time to learn and more resources to use, especially if this is the first time you need it for this purpose. After that, you can have it sent to your guests digitally or use it as the basis to make the final product in physical form. 

Third-Party Invitation Services

Whether you have a full theme with the design in mind or not, you can look up artists who can help you choose what invitation to use with the anniversary party. They can be located within your neighborhood or overseas, so take note of the shipping schedule if you want them to make physical copies. 

Check the available designs they have, whether they are used as 50th-anniversary party invitations or 25th wedding anniversary party invitations, to judge whether they have the style you want. Whether it is digital or not, getting a third-party service will charge based on the complexity and the deadline.


In this article, we explored how anyone can make their anniversary party invitations. It includes thinking about templates to how it will be sent to your guests. As there are lots of designs available to be used, the one you will eventually choose will be unique to the event. 

Whether it is for your parents or a close friend, make sure to have enough time and resources to have everything prepared, especially the invitations. That way, everyone close to the celebrants will arrive on time and make it a memorable time.