Tips and Examples on How to Do Wedding Thank You Cards

Weddings are a celebration shared between couples and their loved ones. The gathering of families and friends to witness the biggest day in the life of two lovers is a gesture that is priceless. The least we can do to express our gratitude is to send them a heart-felt letter.

Thank you cards are customarily given by newly-wedded couples to their guests after their wedding celebrations. They can be letters written to express appreciation for the wedding gifts, or simply for taking part in their nuptials.

There are plenty of ways to go about sending out thank you cards. In this article are tips and examples on how to write thoughtful letters orderly and quickly, so that you and your new spouse can finally relax and enjoy your honeymoon and your married life together.

Preparing to Write Your Thank You Card

First off all, create a list of your guests from your guestbook. You may also check every gift card to make sure you include the name of their spouse or family that signed with them in the card. This goes for people that gave presents but were unable to arrive in your celebration too.

Make sure to double check all your guests so that you don’t leave any name behind or duplicate the names. From this list you created, gather your envelopes and write down the names of each guest, couple, or family at the back of the envelope.

A rule of thumb is to send out your wedding thank you cards as early as a week after the ceremonies (that is, unless you have gone out for a week-long honeymoon with your newly-wedded spouse!). Go ahead and enjoy your new days together as a couple and get back to thank your guests as soon as you can.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of thank you cards to be sent out, take aside a couple of hours a day to work on it. Always take writing breaks lest your tiredness manifests on the letters. It is important to have a clear head while making your cards so that you remember fondly of your wedding and the guests that celebrated with you.

Wordings and Template

On the matter of design and wording for your thank you cards, there are a few things to factor in as one size doesn’t fit all. Does efficiency or personal touch value to you more? Do you want to send your acknowledgments as quickly as possible, or do you want to incorporate more elements before you send them out?

Customized Thank You Cards

If you value bringing personal touch to your thank you cards, then it is essential to write each letter according to each guest. Write down the gift they gave so that they know you received, saw, and appreciated it. You can also include special messages, especially for close friends and family.  

For your guests to feel extra special, handwrite the letters yourself! You could include some recollection of their attendance in the ceremony for that extra charm, for example, “Martha and I would like to express gratitude to you for celebrating our special day with us. The gorgeous cutlery set you sent us will be perfect for our future home. P.S. You killed it on the open mic, you should have been our wedding singer! Love, Mr. and Mrs. Wright”.

Are you looking for ways to make your thank you cards look classy without the need to over-design? Handwritten cards will look elegant when made using fountain pens, nibs, or brush pens. A clean card with a few colors can do the trick! Gild it with metallic hues after if you feel that it is too plain.

If your guests send monetary gifts, make sure to write in the letter the exact amount of the money they gave you as you thank them. This allows them to confirm that you have received the exact amount that they have given you, especially if it was sent digitally or through a bank.

Efficiency with Quality

Some ceremonies can have a large number of guests that handwriting may not be a plausible approach. We all have busy lives, but it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on showing your gratitude. Prioritizing quantity doesn’t mean you sacrifice on quality.

For faster delivery with refinement, there are printable thank you cards. These cards have ready and fixed templates. You don’t have to spend too much time writing, and all cards finish with the same level of quality.

If you’re worried about the design of your thank you cards, the best course is to just follow the theme of your wedding ceremonies. One theme applied from your wedding invitations to your ceremony and thank you cards assures that your guests will always remember your celebrations for years to come.

Send Wedding Photos

In order to show your appreciation with printable thank you cards, you can include other things inside your envelope. A perfect example is to add your wedding photos. Have your contracted photographer supply prints of wedding photographs to you as soon as the celebration is over. The prints can also be included in your package if you can arrange it with them.

You can print a photo or two of each guest during the celebration and insert it in your wedding thank you card. You can also have memory storage devices made to look like cards, or link to an online drive where you can store wedding photos for your guests to browse and reminisce. This tip is especially useful for couples that prefer the paperless approach.

Writing to Acquaintances

If you’re unsure of what to say to guests that you don’t know too well, or ones that you have trouble remembering (because let’s face it, life can really get in the way sometimes), then highlight in the letter your gratitude for their presence. One example of a wording is,

“Dear Jonah,

Thank you so much for the leather luggage bag! Martin and I will surely love traveling with your gift. I especially love the engraving you had put in for us. Thank you for going out of your way to share our special day with us.


Mr. and Mrs. Lee”

Writing your thank you cards does not need to take plenty of time to be sincere. There are numerous ways to send your appreciation to your beloved guests as shown in this article. Start drafting your letters, and don’t be afraid to sound informal because your guests will surely love what you have to say as long as it comes from the heart.