A Guide on How to Make Letterpress Wedding Invitations

A wedding is a special event in one’s life, and it needs to be carefully planned. There is simply so much to do when it comes to the ceremony alone. However, other things need further consideration. It is all about the event’s announcement. 

Nowadays, there are so many ways of making wedding invitations more special. There are a lot of design strategies that you can use. Letterpress wedding invitations are one of the best.

Think attentively when it comes to the decision making of your wedding cards. These will be the first thing your guest attendees will see even before the ceremony. Let us help you. 

We will introduce the new letterpress printing trend to you in this article. Accordingly, it is a leading choice in weddings now. Make yours more remarkable using it. We will begin with some descriptions about it then tips on how to use it on your wedding invitations. 

What is letterpress printing on invitations?

According to Hoban Cards, letterpress printing is a form of relief printing where the ink is laid on a raised surface. A paper is later pressed directly on it so the texts and images will transfer. Hence, it is also called debossing. 

Many people love this kind of design because of the fresh trend it brings. Notably, its visual impression sets it apart from other printing techniques in the market. It is not a common thing. 

Due to the beauty and elegance of letterpress printing, it has become a favorite in invitations. Slowly, many couples have fallen in love with it to be often used in cheap letterpress wedding invitations. 

To give you further help with the letterpress design you will use for the wedding, here are some of the best ideas on how to make it. 

  • Choosing a designer

When it comes to anything related to your wedding invitation, you must have a good foundation. It will all fall into choosing who is the right designer for you. 

Letterpress wedding invitations cost expensive most of the time, but it is worthwhile. You will surely get a lot from hiring a professional. They know their craft, and they can give you the best suggestions.

On the other note, you can also skip this number in case you do not want to spend a lot. Go to number two for further instruction on how to deal with things without a designer. 

  • Picking the right inspiration

Wedding invitation templates are all over the internet today. You only need to type in some keywords related to what you are looking for, and they will pop up in the search. Make the best of them. 

Pick some of which caught your attention when you searched for Letterpress wedding invitations. They will be your guide on how your letterpress printing will look like in the cards. 

If you do not like to hire a designer, you must deep dive into the inspiration process. There will be no one to give you pieces of advice, so utilize the templates well. 

  • Making your design

It is time for the third step, making your design from the inspiration you found earlier. Let us make your dream wedding invitation materialize from the letterpress designs. 

If you are with a wedding invitation designer, work with her. Share your thoughts about what you want to see in the card. Notably, you must speak out about what you dream people will know when you distribute them.

In case there is no wedding designer, do it your own will be your best friend. Use Adobe Photoshop or other editing apps so things will get easier. If you do not know how to use these platforms, there are some on the web. These are free and easy to use.

  • Getting the best materials

When your design is ready, you must find the best materials before proceeding to the printing. You should think about the inks, the papers, the embellishments, and other things.

Letterpress is expensive most of the time due to its inks. Single inked ones are less costly so opt for them if you need to save money. There are also multicolored inks. These are more expensive because they require more time on the machine. 

Here is a tip! Get a multicolored invitation with alternates. Have the cover page in sky blue and the other pages in soft pinks. These will help you save money while getting the best of letterpress printing visuals. 

You will still go with this step for those who do not have designers, no matter whether you have or you do not have an expert. We can’t print the invitations alone because they require professional machines. 

Find on the web printing shops where you will bring the materials and the designs. 

  • Thinking about the content

Before finishing up the design and the printing of the wedding invitation, there is still another thing. We must think about the details of it. What do you want to include in the invitation?

What is the event, when is the event, where is the circumstance, what time is the event is the most shared content of the event card? These pieces of information will help the guest attendees reach their destination for the wedding ceremony.

Sometimes, couples opt to put extra details on their invitations. Attire, menu, and others are a few of them. 

  • Finalize the number and deadline

Everything is nearly done! Congrats because you will finally see your dream wedding invitation in a few days. However,  we must still think about the exact number and calculate the deadline.

To save, ask for bulk printing. Retail printing is often more costly so ask whether they have promos for different bulk orders. It may come in the 50s, 100s, and more than. 

Add extra copies if you can. It is better to have some more letterpress wedding invitations on the sides than none. You can save them up as souvenirs or give them to some more people.

Lastly, decide well about the deadline. Book your printing early so you won’t be short on time.