How to Print Envelopes for Wedding Invitations

Your wedding needs utmost perfection from the get-go. We are not only talking about how your partner must be the most suitable person for you. That is taken! More so, we are noting the preparation of the actual event. 

Many young girls have dreamt their magical wedding since they were young. It could stem from seeing movies where they saw beautiful ceremonies, and from there, they made their ideas. 

Wedding invitation envelope printing is part of the preparation. The invitation is going to be your primary reference for the ceremony; it is something that people will check out first. Hence, it should fit your taste and everything else. 

In this article, we have rounded exciting tips on how you can make Do It Yourself invitation printing. Let us face it, and these things are expensive when bought from wedding vendors. 

Learn the skill, and make your own choice on how you will deliver your personal touch in your ceremony invitation today. Let us begin. 

Spread the Excel Sheet

Weddings are not all the same as other parties when it comes to invitations. It is about the who of the event. Of course, there will be people you want to see in your ceremony. There will be friends and families. 

If you forget even one of those loved ones, you are not getting away from teasing and heartbreaks. Avoid these incidents as much as you can. How to do it? Excel will be your friend. 

Go to the Microsoft application and open an Excel Spreadsheet now. You will see some rows and columns on it. Use them to encode the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the guests. 

The sheet will be helpful in detecting which are done and which are delivered already. It is easier to keep tabs of everything from here.

Think about the fabulous design

After you update the guest attendees, it is time to think about the custom printed envelopes. What do you want it to look like? What will be the theme? What would be the design?

The overall theme must also come from the perspective of the whole ceremony. You can’t have Disney princess envelopes while you will have a Hawaiin wedding. 

Doing everything alone is hard, but it is worth it. You will have the power to do what you envision for the perfection of the ceremony. Also, cost is another ingredient here.

Paying vendors for envelopes is too expensive nowadays. You can slash a large amount if you do it yourself. It is a win-win situation for price and quality.

Envelope Template Making

How to print on envelopes is the next step in the wedding invites. Go over the template making first. There are a lot of these things on the web now. However, you should watch out for copyrighted ones. 

Pick an inspiration and own it by adding a few your ideas. Start with what you want the envelopes to have. Microsoft Word and Powerpoint offer a wide array of these in templates now. Make sure to check them out. 

The template will lessen your work to go over the content each time you need to print batches of the ceremony invitation. 

Pick the right paper and printer

When you are all set for the content of the wedding invitations, it is time for the other matters, which are the paper and printer. There are many of these in the market now. Choose well according to your need.

Vellum, Shimmer Paper, and Cotton Cardstock are some of the most famous choices for weddings papers. However, most couples choose the latter more. It is soft and smooth to touch while it absorbs ink well. 

For the printer, laser printing is the most practical choice. The Cotton Cardstock goes well with this machine. These two are like a match made in heaven; it is excellent for formal and casual invitations. 

Get the best embellish

The paper and printer are not the only things when it comes to designing. Accordingly, there are still a lot of things that you may add. 

When the paper already has printings, it is your choice to add 3D or 4D designs to make it more appealing. Some couples include ribbons, rhinestones, dried flowers, and others. It is your choice.

Do not only forget not to go overboard with excitement. Too much is always wrong, so make sure the embellishments will not shadow the main content and essence of the wedding.

Make a few batches

Professional wedding invitation makers are incredibly careful when they make each of them. Supposedly, you can’t rush something because it takes time to be beautiful. 

Try some batches first when you print. One or two at first are a great beginning. Check the content text if they are the same as the ones on the layout. Then, go along with the border and other inclusions.

Furthermore, you may opt to try printing the invitations using a PDF file. Documents often move, and it is not good. We are talking about uniformity when it comes to wedding invites. 

If you are sure with the first try, do it by 10s or 20s. Do not be excited after this one and try to print bulks. The ink and the paper drying play an essential role here. 

Ready to roll the wedding invites

Have you checked your work? If you are happy about the results, then it is time to roll out the wedding invitations. Feel comfortable and proud! It is your sweat and blood that made them. 

Finish the final step of the invitation printing by adding the last embellishments and listing who will be given. The first step will help hugely here. Go over them again and take the list.

Send the invites by batch and do not forget to mark the people you sent them. Be critical of checking because it will retake time if you need to add another set. You still need your precious time for more wedding preparations.