5 Best Apps to Use When Making Photo Wedding Invitations

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. If you and your partner are planning on a wedding event soon, you must always start doing the guest list and your invitations.  There are tons of themes and ideas to follow for wedding invitations, but the best one is having a photo wedding invitation.

Photo wedding invitations are a perfect idea to have for your wedding. It has a sense of personal touch that will surely make your guests look forward to your life event. Making a photo wedding invitation is easy, and you can do it even by yourself.

Whether you are trying to save money on wedding invitations or not, you can always find cheap photo wedding invitation options. If you want to customize your wedding invites and opt for photo wedding invitation, here are five of the best apps you can use to achieve your dream invitation. 


Canva is a website that allows people to make banners, posters, and invitations creatively. A lot of people use Canva for making the best social media graphics and materials, and it is among the best creation app there is in the market. It is also easy to download on either an iOS or Android device or use it on your web browser.

The graphics app has thousands of invitation templates, including wedding invitations. You can choose any from their template or make one from scratch. If you wish to customize wedding invitations with pictures of couple, you can select a blank invitation canvas and create your design. 

On the other hand, if you wish to get a template in Canva, you can still make some edits. Change color themes, edit elements and shapes, and even edit photos in it. Everything is possible for making invitations on Canva, and it’s super easy and user-friendly. 


Another app that specializes in invitations is GreetingsIsland. This app is also called Invitation Maker, and you can surely make your dream wedding invitation here and greeting cards. You can also use this app when making invitations for other events such as debuts, birthdays, corporate parties, and more.

Invitation Maker also has thousands of invitation templates where users can choose from. If you want to have wedding invitations with pictures, you can select a template from the site or make your own from a blank canvas. 

Add whatever design and select your desired color theme for an elegant invitation. The app also has thousands of stickers, shapes, and elements that users can add to their invitation design. It is straightforward to use, and you can design invitations on the app, whether you’re on your smartphone or computer.


Desynger is known to be the opponent of Canva in terms of having a comprehensive set of social media graphics. You can make posters, calling cards, resumes, Powerpoint presentations, and invitations in this app. Everything that you need for school, work, or social media leisure is here.

Just like Canva, Desygner also has thousands of templates pre-designed by many of the app’s users. You can change your background color, theme, add elements, texts, and pictures when you edit this app. Although this app is user-friendly, you will need to make an account for you to use it.

Invitations Card Maker

This app is truly the best platform to create photo wedding announcements and invitations. From the name of the app itself, Invitations Card Maker allows its users to create and customize their invitations. Aside from that, users can also use this app to make GIFs and video invitations as well.

Invitations Card Maker is also easy to use. You can add texts, select your theme, and customize it to your heart’s desire. However, a downside of this app is they only offer limited themes that users can choose from. Also, if you are only using the free version, the GIFs and videos you will make on the app are not that great. 

Wedding Card Maker

Although this app’s interface is not as friendly as other apps on the market, it is still an excellent invitation maker app to use. It offers the best wedding themed invitations that you will surely love. You can also make your design if you like. 

The Wedding Card Maker is an app developed in India, and there are tons of traditional Indian wedding invitation designs that you can use. Even though this app targets an Indian audience, other users of different races or nationalities can still use it for their wedding invitations. 

Other ways to make a photo wedding invitation

If you have already hired someone to do your photo wedding invitation, but you need to send it over to someone far, you can always send them a PDF copy of it. Simply take a photo of your physical wedding invitation, combine all pages, and put it in a PDF file.

Aside from taking a photo, you can also scan the invitation pages using a printer scanner and combine everything in a PDF file. You can also compile the images in one PDF file using creator apps from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once done, you can now share it with anyone you want to invite on your special day. 

Final Thoughts

Putting photos on your wedding invitations makes the event more intimate for you, your partner, and your guests. You can set your engagement photos, your favorite pictures as a couple, or some casual ones that you take throughout your whole relationship. Make your photo wedding invitation creative and fun with the apps mentioned in this article today.