How to Make Beautiful Folded Wedding Invitations

Wedding entails long and grueling preparation. Although it is so taxing, everything, in the end, is worth it. Nothing will beat when all of your plans go well. It is your day, and of course, it must be how you dream it. 

Some couples hire wedding planners to help them. However, it is sadly expensive, and not all can afford it. There are ways to beat the problem. One of them is doing self-made productions. Invitations are easily one of the things you can start with.

If you need something quick and exquisite, you should check out the Folded wedding invitations. It is one of the designs in wedding invitations today. Here are some ideas to help you on how to make them.

  • How should the folded wedding invitation look?

Look makes the most impact when it comes to anything. We often comment on it before we know about something. Invitations are the same, so you should be careful when deciding how it will go. 

To beat the problem, most couples hire graphic designers. They are the ones to help on building the whole face of the invitations. However, it can be a bit expensive. 

Do not worry if you have issues getting help from other people. Notably, you alone can do it too. There are so many folded wedding invitation templates on the web now. Pinterest and Instagram are only some of them. 

Head over to any of the websites to see some inspirations. Then, you can make your own after. You can get some of the ideas and piece them together to make something better.

  • What must you consider folding wedding invitations?

Money is a huge thing for weddings. Accordingly, you can’t get married without it because there are several things to budget. There is the venue, the food, the bride’s gown, the groom’s tuxedo, and more. 

In particular, the wedding invitation also has the same problems. You will need to buy and to pay for several things after deciding about the look of your announcement card.

The materials are crucial in this part. Ink, paper, and printer are the most needed here. For the latter, there are printing shops that can do special printing styles such as foiling and engraving. You can use them, but they are not cheap.

On the first two, the paper and the ink are based on the design. Some special ones would need particular materials. 

Matte, linen, cotton, metallics, vellums, and double thick are only some of which paper you can select from. For fold up wedding invitations, you can select vellums. These come in different sizes, textures, and colors. 

  • When will you need a folding wedding invitation?

Heading to the last part of the DIY route, you should have a solid plan on the timeline of the wedding invitation. You surely can’t afford to have late distributions, it is always better to be early than not.

The invite preparation always takes time, especially that you are doing it alone. Do not rely on a few days. It is better if you have months before the actual distribution day. It will help you fix things if problems will occur.

Folded Wedding Invitation kinds

You should have basic ideas on how to approach the DIY folding wedding invitation path now. To lend more hands, we also gathered the most excellent ideas on folding styles. Read them and learn more. 

  • Tri-fold wedding invitation

Papers are so much fun because you can do anything on them. Particularly, you can even have different designs made from simply folding it. Tri-fold is one great example. 

In terms of this fold, you can create it using any size and texture of the paper. You only need to equally tuck the sections by three. It should have a middle and two sides. The invitation should bend from the right side to the left. 

  • Bi-fold wedding invitation

If you have a tri-fold then there must be a bi-fold. It means folding something equally in half. This one perhaps is the easiest if you are thinking of getting something easy and quick to do. 

Do not underestimate the simplicity of bi-fold wedding invitations. Many others might think it is too plain but there are many ways to decorate it more. You only need more artistic impressions. 

  • Accordion wedding invitation

The first two foldings might be too basic for you. Hence, there is something more exciting that you can use for wedding invitations. This one is called an accordion wedding invitation fold style.

According to, the accordion design is great for multi-page documents. There will be alternating folds creating several panels. These folds must be of equal sizes. It is commonly called a fan or zig-zag. 

Speaking about sizes, this style is best to compress the papers. If you will have several pages then it will be perfect for you. 

  • Gatefold wedding invitation

Gatefold is another style you can incorporate for your wedding invitation. It is so distinctive, so your guest will surely love seeing this one when they open your announcement card. 

There must be two-sided panels with a middle part here. If you think this one is the same with tri-fold then you are a bit right. Technically, it is also one but there is a difference in the sides. The middle part is the main attraction, so it will have more space than the two flaps. 

On the contrary, a gatefold is also different from tri-folds because it can add more panels. You can have double or more folds. An example is a closed gatefold where there are eight panels. 


Wedding invitations must be as special as the main ceremony itself. Do not restrict yourself with the traditional invitation cards. If you want to do it your way then there are a lot of things you can do. Be fearsome and begin trying out the folded designs now. 

You must have learned the best details of the design style here. Make sure to use the best of them so your dream wedding day will surely be a spectacular one.