Cute Pocket Wedding Invitation Styles and How to DIY It

Pockets are not only in pants nowadays, but there are many things which are incorporated this time. It is becoming a hot trend in weddings, which invitations are mostly designed for. 

Cute pocket Wedding invitation templates are scattered all over the web today. Accordingly, you only need to type “cute pocket Wedding invitations,” and there will be dozens of search results. This one only shows the popularity of the design.

If you want to move from the traditions, try incorporating the pocket invitation styles in your own. You do not even need a massive amount of budget because it could be done alone. 

There is no need for graphic artists. In particular, you would not need to waste money on hiring them as long as you’re going to be passionate about making the announcement card yourself. Let us discuss how to make a few of them this time!

What are pocket invitation designs?

Designs are becoming more varied than usual now. People are so into different things, and pocket design is an extension of it.

Weddings and other events use invitation pocket designs like the old envelope. These are indeed cuter than usual invitations, so many are falling in love with them. 

The envelope has a more contemporary design and is much more durable than what we usually have. It enables to secure in place the cards which contain the pieces of information about the wedding. 

Pocket envelopes may come in different materials such as matte, metallic, textured, and wood grain. You only need to choose among which are you going to use. Then, the colors may vary as well. 

Some couples prefer to buy papers with the design right away. It helps lessen the workload for Do It Yourselves. 

How to DIY Wedding Pocket Wedding Invitations, affordable and easy ways

  • Choose the right inspirations.

When you start with something you are not familiar with, make sure to do thorough research first. It is the same with doing pocket wedding invitations DIYs. There is nothing wrong with looking at the web for inspiration. 

When making a pocket card invitation, all you need to do is type the exact words on the web, and the results will show right away. You may choose whatever template or design you want to follow. Anyway, this is your soon-to-be wedding invitation, so be as creative and random as you can!

Keep the most attractive to you. Then, find the procedure on how to make the invitation step by step. Study each one rigorously and examine what you would need to make one for your dream wedding.

  • Buy your materials smartly.

Affordable pocket wedding invitations are not easy to come by if we are talking about hiring graphic designers. Of course, you need to pay for their service, and it is going to be expensive. The materials will also add up to the price. 

The best thing about making your pocket invitations is choosing a good design and the materials you will use. From the previous step, we revealed what types of materials are best to use for pocket invitations. You can choose from those we mentioned, or you can still find some other materials that you can incorporate.

There are many ways to loosen the budget for wedding invitation making. Do not go overboard with the embellishments is one. Another, buy in bulk. Do not buy one by one because it will be in the retail price. Coordinate with a wholesaler shop, and you can save more. 

Most invitation companies also do the same. The only difference is you are transacting it alone. Be smart in looking for the shops; compare prices on each of them. Try to ask for discounts.

  • Practice Makes perfect

Do not be afraid to make mistakes when you make wedding invitations. You are new at it, and it takes a while to master the skills. Go on with the procedure several times, and go back again when you forgot something. 

You can practice on simple papers before actually using your bought materials. It will help you save them. 

  • Be positive and be creative.

You are done with the theme, design, and materials decision making now. It is time to begin the actual making of the pocket wedding invitations and it is not going to be easy. 

Above all, you are probably starting also with your other vendors’ preparation now. You need a venue, a catering service, a photo and video service, a wedding coordinator, a music director, and others. You are surely overwhelmed with things these days. 

With all things going around, you need to be positive with the pocket Wedding invitations. Do what you only can and do not overstress yourself. You can ask some of your family members to help. 

Get their ideas, too, because it can help you along the way. Things are going to be rough because of the preparation, and you will need a support system. We are trying to cut expenses but not at the expense of your health. 

Accordingly, we want to see a happy couple despite the chaos. Do not mind expressing your creativity along these lines. People will love your wedding invitation no matter what. Embrace your thoughts. 

  • Always love what you are doing.

On the third number, we have noted how difficult it is to plan a wedding. There so much to do, and you are still squeezing in your announcement card making. Do not despair when things are hard because your wedding day is the most important. 

Take the cute pocket designing as your relaxation time, do a good time management plan for everything. On top of it, you should love what you are doing. Be happy even if it is hard. All of these things are for your memories.


Who can stop you if you want a cute pocket invitation to the wedding? There must be no one! Hence, grab these ideas now. Make your unique designs through Do It Yourself. 

Your ideas will surely fit more the wedding than anybody. Give your guest attendees more pieces of your romance than what they need. Make your story known through the use of the trendy invitation style today.