15 Fun and Creative Wedding Invitation to Try

15 Fun and Creative Wedding Announcements to Try

Preparing for a wedding may seem long due to the many parts needed to be finished on time for the big ceremony. One of these items involves sending wedding invitation cards to your guests. If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the millions of choices available, check this list of 15 designs!

Dark Foil by Joyce Pinheiro

Found in Minted’s Weddings section, this simple invitation uses foil leaves embossed onto the paper using real foil. Its original theme is black to highlight both the design and your wedding’s information written on it. 

However, you can also choose from 5 other colors and seven other foil colors when you order it. Aside from that, you can choose from 5 types of paper and add on other invitation necessities such as RSVP cards and Thank You cards.

State Pride by Elli

Are you thinking of having a rustic wedding? This invitation design hosted over on theknot.com might be on you. The information makes use of fonts that will remind you of the state where you will get married. Not only will your guests learn where it is, but they can get an idea of how wonderful the event will be. On the back, you can add your and your significant other’s initials paired with a wedding monogram.

Beer Coaster Invite Set by personal types

If you’re a fan of Etsy craftsmen and you want to think outside printing a paper invitation, this product may be just for you! It doubles as a wedding invitation and a drink coaster, with a design that uses white cotton paper embossed with lovely fonts. 

This is a full wedding suite with its envelope and an RSVP card made in the same coaster pattern. It is highly recommended for weddings on the beach or the sea.

Acrylic Wedding Invitation by MyLovelyStoreNY

Are you looking for an unusual twist for the luxury wedding of your dreams? Forget paper for this one and have one made in acrylic. It is bordered with a watercolor design of greens paired with golden font. 

This is even paired with a wax-seal dark green velvet envelope with your initials on it. Aside from the color of the envelope, you can even choose the color of the foil you want on this package.

Ornamental Elegance Wedding Invitation by Elli

Yet another design made by Elli, you can also have it to give the illusion of a high-class wedding to your senders. It makes use of a balance of green and gold tones on top of a white background. 

Accompanied by beautiful calligraphy, the information is bordered by a lovely pattern in gold.  If you turn it over, it has the couple’s initials with a gold touch on a green background.  You can also choose a burgundy red color scheme paired with white font and golden design elements.

Plantable Seed Paper Wedding Invitation by LittleGreenPaperShop

If you want to opt for an eco-friendly celebration, this wedding invitation is a great find for you! The shop uses a variety of Poppy, Daisy, and Rudbeckia seed papers to make it. The information is written with a lovely set of fonts. 

Unlike the previous sets, this comes with an RSVP card and an extra card to tell your guests about wedding gifts. What makes this better is that once they are used, anyone who gets this can plant this invitation, and it will become a lovely addition to a garden.

Modern Marble Wedding Invitation by Elli

For the couple planning to celebrate a modern wedding, this Elli design might be a great choice. The invitation makes use of a marble pattern with simple fonts to highlight the wedding’s details. 

On the back, it features the same marble pattern on the front but with the couple’s initials. This is followed by a wood texture pattern along the bottom edge. You can even have this personalized when you order it through Elli at theknot.com.

Alternative 70’s Wedding Invitation by BlushAndBlossomPaper

If you are looking for a pop of color for your wedding, you can get this Etsy wedding invitation. It makes use of oranges and reds with white font. What makes it unique is the font used for the headers, which reminds you of the time of Love & Peace. The front has the wedding invitation on top of a simple orange background. You can add the RSVP and other additional information at the back. With this, you can put it all on one piece of paper, and it comes in a simple brown envelope.

Passport-inspired Wedding Invitation by Elli

As this is a part of a journey between two people, this wedding invitation can be perfect. On the front, it resembles a passport cover with the couple’s names, the year of the wedding, and the place where it will take place. 

At the back, it will resemble a page taken out of a passport from the layout to the design details while writing the full details of the special event. It is paired with a lovely white envelope with a red patterned insert.

Typography in Black on White Wedding Invitation by Becky Nimoy

Nothing can get more straightforward as black text on a white background! This design by Becky Nimoy makes the calligraphy its centerpiece. It uses an elegant script to highlight the couple’s first names as they become one in the upcoming ceremony. This is paired with a simpler font that describes when and where the event will occur.

Starry Night by Elli

This design is an excellent pair for a great night under the stars while you and your significant other get married. It makes use of a simple yet sparkling star pattern with several constellation details scattered around. 

Paired with this is an excellent choice of fonts that reflect the same blues and yellows used in the design. At the back is a continuation of the star pattern with two hearts overlapping in a constellation form.

Basically by 2birdstone

Available on Minted Weddings, it makes use of a modern design great for the modern wedding couple-to-be. You can choose between two sizes and six color themes. It is a stand-out since it merely has the information on the front but what draws the eye is a phrase that would amuse your guests. On some designs and sizes, the humorous quote is foil embossed.

Painted Mountains Wedding Invitation by Elli

Back it again to Elli, this design involves using watercolor as its eye-catching design. It looks compelling that you can see the layers of color used to paint the majestic mountain view. 

The font used uses a subdued grey that helps the receiver read the wedding details and compliment the artwork at the front. At the back, the design continues with the year and a couple of initials in the middle.

Venue Painting Wedding Invitation by MonoArtAndDesign

For an old-style feel, you can pick this wedding invitation up from Etsy. It makes use of an excellent watercolor paper that is decorated with greens. What makes this special is that you can request them to make a small illustration of the wedding venue as the centerpiece. 

You are getting excellent quality as it uses a textured, high quality, fine art paper. Not one order of this design is ever the same, and you can choose to pair it with other paper-based decorations that you need for your special day.

Minimalistic Vellum Wedding Invitation by LeighLouiseCreative

Wrapping up this list is this unique invitation made available on Etsy. You can impress your guests by sending a photo with your cherished partner and the wedding invitation itself. As you can see from the title, it uses a vellum material to print the gold etched details using a beautiful font. You can also select from different foil colors and the set you desire when you pick this up for your guests.


These fifteen wedding invitation designs are only some of the millions that you can choose for your wedding. Make sure to have this ordered and done as early as possible. Doing this will help you send these to your guests in time and learn how many people will truly come.